When it comes to warehouse safety, more than often, many factors are overlooked due to lack of time, inadequate resources, or simply in order to cut costs and save money. Unfortunately, skimping on workplace safety is one of the most dangerous things that management can do and may result in severe injury or even death in extreme circumstances. This is why workplace health and safety is paramount — not only does it keep employees safe but it also helps to increase productivity, lessen the chances of workplace disruptions, and helps to boost the overall morale of workers. In today’s article, we will look at 5 ways to ensure a new workplace is safe, so read on to find out more!

Gas Safety 101

If you run a warehouse, ensuring that you find the best gas fitter in Melbourne is crucial. When gas appliances are poorly installed within your warehouse, you are likely to encounter a variety of problems that include gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning or even serious explosions. In order to avoid these dangerous and often life-threatening situations, it is highly recommended that warehouse managers call in the help of professional gas fitters who will be able to help with all your gas fitting needs. The journey doesn’t end there, though — it is always advised to schedule routine checks a few times a year to ensure that your pipelines and gas appliances are in good condition at all times. The health and safety of your workers count on it!

No Skimping On Safety Equipment

Warehouses are large spaces that often contain stacks and stacks of heavy items, boxes, and crates. This is why it is absolutely imperative that equipment such as forklifts or hydraulic dollies are always used to lift heavy items. The use of safety equipment in the warehouse should be made mandatory in order to prevent potential injury to workers and items. Additionally, safety glasses, hats, and attire should be worn at all times. Employees should be made aware of the nearest emergency exits and fire sprinklers must never be blocked at any time. Safety equipment is one of the best ways of minimizing workplace injury which is why skipping on it is never an option.

Utilize Safe Lifting Techniques

It is important to never underestimate the amount of damage that improper lifting techniques can afflict on warehouse workers. This is why it is so important to ensure that every worker goes through an induction course that teaches proper lifting techniques and other safety measures that they can utilize whilst on the job. Although this may take additional time and resources, it is important to note that accidents most commonly occur when corners are cut. Ensuring that all staff members are put through refresher courses at least once a year is also a fantastic way to keep this information fresh in their minds and thus reduce the chances of workplace injury.

Safe Handling Of Sharp Objects

Warehouse workers often handle a lot of packing and unpacking tasks that involve the use of knives and blades. Additionally, it is not uncommon for warehouse employees to come into contact with corrugated plastic and metal straps throughout the day. This is why it is so important that all employees are taught to use proper PPE and safety knives in order to prevent serious injury or even death. Management should ensure that all utility knives retract automatically, limit the exposed cutting surface, and not require too much sharpening. Workers should also be properly trained in cutting techniques in order to ensure their safety at all times.

Minimize Fire Hazards

Last but certainly not least, minimizing potential fire hazards to the best of your ability should be a top priority for warehouse managers. Warehouses are often full of flammable materials such as cardboard, plastics, and paper, thus making it incredibly important to ensure that all fire hazards are minimized and that appropriate fire safety measures are in place. You can have all the sprinklers, extinguishers, and fire alarms in the world, but without training your staff, these safety measures are rendered useless. It is always advised to schedule regular training sessions to ensure that workers are up to date and knowledgeable in fire safety processes.


Ensuring that the workplace is a safe environment for all is one of the most important things that managers and upper management need to take into account. We hope that this list of warehouse OHS has given you a few ideas on how you can improve the safety standards in your own workplace.