Remember back in the days when there were only a few TV channels to watch? You might be feeling a lot older if you do remember that. If not, you were probably raised in these web-based days where you can have endless access to TV shows and movies via multiple streaming platforms. With so many streaming suppliers available, there’s one that really stands out from the crowd – Netflix. But don’t you just hate it when you can’t watch everything it has to offer?

While hits like The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix make it one of the most popular streaming services in the world, that doesn’t mean it isn’t without its limitations. Sure, there are hundreds of TV shows, documentaries, and movies for you to watch whenever you like, with new content released on a monthly basis. But what you get to watch all depends on your location. No doubt you’ve had an instance where you’ve heard about a hot new TV show being released on Netflix, only for you to log in to your account and find out it’s not there. Why? Because it’s only available in a different country, especially if it’s a big US hit show or a niche drama from Denmark. It could be a while before it comes to your region, and sometimes it might not even make it there at all. So how do you get access to all the Netflix TV shows? It’s easy.

Virtual private networks (VPNs) allow you to fully enjoy Netflix and get access to practically its whole library of content. Once you’ve installed a VPN onto your computer, tablet, or smartphone, it works by masking your IP address, so you can beat the geographic restrictions that Netflix has. If you’re not based in the US but want access to US content, you can select a server that is in America and head on over to Netflix – it’ll think you’re logging in from the US, so will present you with all that glorious content you’ve been craving. You can select different regions and try out other countries for Netflix to see what kind of content they might have. And there are a lot of countries out there… so who knows what you’ll find on Netflix. Let’s say it’ll be a lot.

Look around for a reputable and reliable VPN, do your research, and you’re sure to find out it’s easy to install a VPN for Netflix and even easier to use. You can turn on your VPN on your device or make sure it’s always on, so when you use it, you’ll be logging in from a different location. You can also select various locations easily with just a few taps (or clicks, we know people still watch stuff on their laptops) to start seeing what’s available in your new Netflix library.

With Netflix’s geographic restrictions, you might have even experienced this when you’ve been abroad. Asian drama forums are busy places, but you might not wish to watch the local series while you’re in the Far East. Instead, most people now will take a tablet or laptop with them on holiday, so they can catch up with friends and stream their favorite shows while chilling out in the hotel. But all of a sudden, you can’t carry on your shows where you left them because you’re now logged into your current country’s connectivity. Not with a VPN, you’re not. You can choose a server back home and resume where you left off.

It’s not just access to all of Netflix that a VPN can offer you. It can give you complete online anonymity as well and keep your details protected. When you’re browsing online, you never know what’s happening to your information, especially if you go onto streaming sites. There’s always the risk of going on to the wrong landing page, which could see hackers get your personal details. Or sometimes, your internet service provider (ISP) will block you from visiting sites. Bad enough that Netflix is stopping you! With a VPN installed, you can work around this as your ISP won’t know anything about your website traffic, so you can still go to those streaming sites. And you can also protect yourself against any hackers as the VPN encrypted security technology will keep all your details safe.

The next time you want to try out something new on Netflix, why not explore a different region. Get your own VPN installed, and you’ll be able to watch everything you want on Netflix. And you can do it knowing your information is safe and secure too.