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Although we are not environmental activists, we can take a part in protecting our earth. In this article, we are going to share some useful tips for you, so you can save our planet too. It is not difficult for you to follow some of these easy and simple tips that we are going to share here. Together we can help preserve the life on this planet and the earth easily.

Take advantage of the natural light

You will be surprised at how much electricity you can save by maximizing the overall advantages of natural light. Not only that benefit, but you can also get a lot of vitamin D when you expose yourself to natural sunlight. Vitamin D is believed to be the main component that can help you boost your immune system naturally. You can redesign your home to allow natural light to come inside your home.

Reuse the water

Water is another important resource that you need to preserve every day. You can repurpose the water whenever you use it for your daily needs. For example, the soapy water that you will use for the laundry can be re-used for flushing the toilet. The strained water that you use for washing the dishes can also be used to water your plants. There are a lot of great ways that you can do for saving the water on our planet.

Reduce the use of the single-use plastics

It may be tough for you to avoid using single-use plastic in this country. However, when we can do this step, we can save our planet effectively. There are some great things that we can do, for example, bringing our tumbler when ordering coffee or other beverages, bringing our own bag when shopping, and many other things for reducing the use of single-use plastics. This step can help us reduce the overall consumption of plastics in our country. It will help us preserve the earth and our life in a better way.

Shop locally

Although you can find a lot of interesting products on the Internet today, you can still support the local economy by shopping from the local suppliers. It will be a great way for you who want to help preserve the earth now. You can reduce the carbon footprint that can be caused by logistics. Buying any items from the local sellers will prevent you from causing a lot of carbon footprint that will be dangerous for our earth.


If you want to take a part in preserving the earth, you can consider this step now. Composting is a good practice of letting your food and the other waste rot naturally inside the soil. You don’t have to send them to the landfill, especially when you want to make natural compost from your home. This practice will also help you produce free rich soil that will be good to grow your plant in the garden.

Grow your own plant

If it is possible, you can start growing your own produce. It will bring you one step closer to earth sustainability. You can start by planting some common plants or vegetables that you will eat every day. With the fluctuating vegetable price all the time, you can help the environment and protect your own budget effectively. You can take advantage of the empty space that is available on your property.


This is another useful tip that you can follow, especially if you want to preserve the earth. You can use your creativity to produce an interesting result. You can turn the trash into something new and interesting. It could be in the form of home decor, art, fashion accessories, etc. When you can produce outstanding results, you can start a small business venture by selling some of these interesting products.

Bike and walk everything you can

During this pandemic, many Filipinos are interested in choosing biking as their favorite commuting option. Biking and walking will be good options for you who want to reduce your carbon footprint. You can get a unique experience by walking and biking from one place to another place every day. Both activities will be good for your overall health. If you have been wanting to buy a bike for a long time but don’t have the savings to do so, at first you have to read a motorcycle loan guide.