Blinds can be complicated, and it is easy to mix up all of the different types of styles you can find online. One such type is roller blinds, also known as Holland blinds, and not everybody can immediately identify them by name. We have all seen them in one way or another, but like any other type of blind, they are within a distinct niche that can often end up buried somewhere you will never see them.

What makes a roller blind different?

When you first see a Holland blind that is shut, it might not look like a blind at all. Many of them are specially chosen to match the color of the walls around them, letting them blend into the rest of the room in a way that can remove some visual clutter. This works due to the shape of a roller blind – instead of individual slats, they are a single piece of material that can roll up and down, generally after a quick tug on an attached string or cord.

In simple terms, a roller blind is a piece of fabric that rolls down to cover a window by ‘filling it in’, making it impossible for people to see through, creating privacy, and also blocking out sunlight. It is one of the simplest ways to get privacy, this basic design comes in a wide range of types and forms, with some even having specific finishes or using certain materials to do different things.

It is important to note that these blinds almost always have a top tube and nothing else. While some can be mounted into the window from the sides as well, the majority hang down in the same way as curtains do, although they work in different ways.

What can they do?

While they might seem like a simple alternative to normal blinds, looking at roller blinds online can give you an idea of how varied they are. While many are simply meant to cover up a window, others are designed with very specific features in mind. This could be anything from UV light filtering to specific patterns that let a certain amount of light through, and some are made with thicker layers to completely block out light altogether. Sunscreen roller blinds are made from a mesh type fabric that will allow a view through.

There is technically only so much that can be done with roller blinds, they aren’t always going to be a single piece, either. Larger windows could have multiple rolling pieces that each pull up individually, letting you choose how much of the window you want to leave exposed without having a binary choice of open or closed, these are called double roller blinds and they are essentially two roller blinds in the same window opening. Since they can be adjusted and (generally) locked in place halfway up, you can also choose how far you want to roll up the material.

Are they all adjusted by hand?

Another major development with modern roller blinds is the ability to have them motorized. The majority of these motorized blinds are made with battery packs that can last up to one or two years depending on how often they are used and might even be rechargeable rather than filled with actual batteries. It is possible to get ones that are wired into your electric system normally, but this is only for people who really want a direct connection. If you are looking for hardwired roller blinds you will need a licensed electrician to install them.

More recently, motorized roller blinds have begun to work with remote controls or Smart device systems as well, allowing you to open and close them from anywhere in the world from your smartphone app. This not only means that you can change them from the other side of the room, but with a smart system, you could be on the other side of the house and still connected to them.

Are roller blinds worth it?

Roller blinds aren’t the most ornate option on the market, and they won’t have the same level of visual appeal that plantation blinds or a full, thick curtain can, but that doesn’t make them a bad option. They can be cheap, easy to install, reliable, and perfect for professional spaces as well as homes, giving you a very straightforward way to get some privacy without taking much time or money.

If you are looking for something more impressive, you can always find ones that fit this niche, too. Attractive patterns and more valuable materials are easy to track down, and you can usually find something that works if you are wanting to add something striking to your home.