Bitcoin popularity is growing at a breakneck pace now. However, some long-term investors are terrified about what will happen to their bitcoin holding after they die? You will be shocked to know that more than 90% of the bitcoin investors are worried about this thing.

We all know that bitcoin is pure electronic cash that allows people to make online payments to another party without involving any financial institution. Since bitcoin is a distributed network, there is no central authority that controls this digital currency. It means that only the owners of bitcoin can control this digital asset.

It is a matter that millions of dollars of bitcoin are extended by the people when they die every year. According to the CoinCover platform, 4 million bitcoins were out of the rotation when there was no access to those crypto assets because of deaths. Of course, it doesn’t mean that the bitcoin also dies with the owner.

There are many ways that investors can use to pass their digital currency to the next generation. But the thing is that every method needs the decision-making process as well as planning. Moreover, when people have some general knowledge about the working of this digital currency, then it can also help. You can invest in bitcoin by accessing

You can share your keys with your family members!

We all need private keys for having access to bitcoins. You can share your private keys with your trusted family members if you pass on your bitcoin. Some well-known people in the bitcoin industry have publicly discussed using this method to ensure that their bitcoin funds get passed to their heirs after their deaths.

You should know that Han Finney was the early follower of bitcoin who willed all bitcoin holding to his family members by letting them know of the private keys. Before his death in the year 2014, he also wrote that the practice of the bitcoin inheritance is a very effortless method of passing this holding to the people you love, but the thing is that it might not be suitable for all the people in this industry.

It is because sharing your private keys also involves the responsibility of keeping them safe and secure. So if you are using this method, you need to make sure that the heirs of your holding are well known of this digital currency and the practices for keeping them safe and secure.

Some bitcoin exchanges allow unlocking of the bitcoin with the help of a death certificate!

The bitcoin network doesn’t provide any sort of services like inheritance, but some of the bitcoin services allow the members of the family of the dead user to have access to his bitcoin funds. You must give some documents, like the death certificate and the last will documents. The user can also mention the name of the beneficiary of their account. The beneficiary can quickly contact the customer support service of the bitcoin exchange. They can get a complete guide on the process of getting the bitcoin of their deceased family member.

What is a crypto inheritance service?

You should know that some projects or institutions work to ensure the inheritance of virtual assets, including bitcoin. Some of the companies are Safe Haven, TrustVerse, and Casa, which are working and coming up with their very own solution for allowing people to leave their crypto assets to their heirs by using blockchain technology. So, you need to know that these specialized crypto inheritance services might offer you the best solution for your issue of bitcoin inheritance. But they are still in the early stages, and they don’t charge any fees for this problem.

The final sayings!

Till now, you might have got enough clarity on your question of what your bitcoin will be after you die. So, you can adopt any of these ways for the inheritance of your bitcoin assets. Sharing your private key with the family member you trust is one of the most used ways. People share their private keys with the people they trust, and after the death, that family person can access the user’s funds and later manage them as they want.