We know that Oppa Lee Jon Suk is out on his mandatory military service till 2021. All his die-hard fans are missing him like hell and waiting anxiously for his return. So, why not recommend some of his most Daebuk dramas to enjoy during this quarantine. We know that our Oppa has thousands of fans all over the world. These days when everyone is in lockdown its just perfect for K-drama addicts to watch all their favorite K-dramas on repeat😉. But as the saying goes “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”, our love for our Oppa is never-ending. Therefore, we thought why not enjoy some of Lee Jon-Suk Oppa’s most clingy k-dramas during this time.

Top Seven K-Dramas of Lee Jong Suk

Here’s a list of some dramas of that you should watch these days to relive your love for Oppa:


Pinocchio is a fulltime powerhouse having the Lead combo of two of the most outstanding K-drama stars Lee Jong-Suk and Park Shin-Hye. It’s a very interesting drama based on a fictional disease the ‘Pinocchio Syndrome’ in which the effected one can’t lie. Park Shin-Hye has Pinocchio syndrome so she just can’t lie and being a reporter its really difficult. The drama has a plot twist when they both discover a secret about their childhood but for that you need to watch it. And Lee Jong-Suk’s out of this world kisses will make you swoon. This K-drama is full of cringe-worthy moments between Oppa and Park Shin-Hye like the famous “Toast Kiss”. The drama is all about solving cases and how to catch a cheater who betrays you and hurts you.

While you were sleeping:

While you were sleeping is such an amazing romantic K-drama that will make you fall in love with it. It is so good that you just can’t stop watching it. The story plot is very unique, Bae Suzy the lead female has the ability to see future events through dreams. Lee Jong-Suk is playing the role of a responsible prosecutor, who can see future dreams about Suzy. The story becomes very interesting when a police officer starts seeing dreams about Lee Jong-Suk. While you were sleeping is one of those K-dramas that keeps its viewers engrossed in them completely. The love triangle between the characters is also unpredictable. But beware not to cry at the end because this K-drama is overwhelmingly emotional and addictive. The OST of this drama is really good and the best part is our Oppa even sung a song for this K-drama.

Romance is a Bonus Book:

If you love the old girl and young boy romance then this will be the perfect pick for you. In this K-drama, you will see Jong-Suk Oppa flirting with his Noona. Oppa is playing the role of a senior book editor who is in love with his best friend. He looks so cute 😊 wearing turtlenecks pinning around his Noona doing sweet things. This K-drama has some intense kissing scenes that you will get to enjoy like the Ttekkobokki kiss and other sweet intimate moments between them are way too cute. It’s a very different K-drama having light humor, romance, mystery and without any melodrama, it is a full-time family entertainment. I’m dead sure that watching this drama you will definitely want to read a book. In short, this drama is a gem and you should watch it if you haven’t still.

W: Two Worlds Apart:

Probably one of the best K-dramas so far, W Two worlds apart will make you lost in it. We always knew that our Oppa is perfect but his perfection is clearly depicted in the character of Kang Chul. Oppa plays the role of an extremely smart, handsome, rich comic character that came to life. The story becomes really intense when Kang Chul fell for Han Hyo-Joo the cartoonist’s daughter. The story plot is so interesting that it will keep you glued with your seats. Moreover, you will also enjoy the intimate prison kiss in it. W Two Worlds Apart, is indeed a K-drama gem that everyone must watch.

Doctor Stranger:

Who doesn’t love a handsome doctor especially when he’s our one and only Lee Jung-Suk Oppa? In Doctor Stranger Oppa is playing the role of a de facto (North Korean) surgeon who escapes from North Korea to South Korea to reunite with the love of his life. The story gets very interesting when he becomes the top thoracic surgeon in the whole of Seoul. And a race between top surgeons and hospitals start for operating the Prime Minister with a hidden secret behind it. If you watch this drama you will fell in love with Oppa all over again he’s just too adorable as a doctor. I personally wanted to be a doctor after watching all those surgery scenes.

I Hear Your Voice:

Another Noona romance! This old girl young boy combo is just too good to miss. The special connection and chemistry between Lee Bo-Young and Lee Jong Suk is too cute and heart-melting. The plot of this drama is also really good that it will keep you hooked till the end. If you love law dramas then this one is the right choice for you. The extraordinary ability of Lee Jung Suk to hear other people’s thoughts make this K-drama outstanding.

School 2013:

School 2013 is an amazing drama depicting the struggles and troubles that an average Korean high schooler has to face. The best part of this drama is the Bromance between Oppa Lee Jung-Suk & Oppa Woo Bin. The real reason behind the popularity of this show is the realistic approach that the writer took. They took time and highlight the real issues an average teenager has to face in his/her everyday life. The writer beautifully portrayed how adults don’t understand and estimate the stress and pressure that kids have to face. Plus, the role of teacher Kang and how she spreads positiveness in every matter is really adorable.

These are some dramas of Oppa Lee Jung Suk that you can watch all over again while waiting for his return.