Over the years, mixed martial arts has evolved. It has become much more popular, and people from around the world now compete in these fights. There is a good chance that you like watching MMA. If so, you’ll notice that the events now feature more Asian fighters than ever before. Of course, it is true that some of these fighters have had more success than others. So, which Asian MMA fighters are the best of the best? You’ll find out in the guide below.


BJ Penn

BJ Penn might have been born in Hawaii, but he is still considered Asian. After all, his father was an Irish-American, and his mother was a Korean-American. At just 17, Penn started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and he proved to be very good at it. Within a few years, he was dominating the sport and decided to make the switch over to mixed martial arts. Penn did exceptionally well there too. The 40-year-old is still fighting today, but his last few fights haven’t gone his way. His current record is 16 wins, 14 losses, and 2 draws. Of course, Penn has had a much better career than his record shows.

He held the UFC Lightweight and Welterweight titles. He is one of the few fights in the UFC to win titles in multiple weight classes. If you’ve been a fan of MMA, there is a good chance you’ve enjoyed Penn’s fights along the way.

Kazushi Sakuraba

If you were a fan of MMA way back in the day, there is a good chance that you remember Sakuraba. After all, he became known as “The Gracie Hunter.” He defeated the most influential Gracies from that time period. He defeated Royler Gracie, Ryan Gracie, and Renzo Gracie. He also won a 90-minute fight against Royce Gracie. When Price Fighting Championship was at its best, he was the heart and soul of the company. This legend cannot be forgotten by fans.

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Shinya Aoki

Shinya Aoki has never fought in the UFC. Nevertheless, he is still one of the best MMA fighters ever. He mainly fought in Price and Dream. He is classified as a master of flying submissions. While Aoki doesn’t have much on the feet, he is a master of submissions. If he is able to lock in a submission, there is a good chance that his opponent is going to sleep. Or, they might just get a limb broker. At this point, Aoki has a record of 43 wins, 9 losses, and 1 no contest. He is arguably one of the best submission artists on the planet. You won’t see him in the UFC, but you should definitely take the time to watch him elsewhere. It has been said that Aoki likes Joker123 too.

Takanori Gomi

It is impossible to be a fan of MMA and not recognize the name Takanori Gomi. The Fireball Kid had a decent run in the UFC. However, he had most of his success in Price. One of the highlights of his career was dominating the 2005 Price Lightweight Grand Prix. He dominated and knocked out Hayato Sakurai to win it all. At one point, he was named Sherdog’s Fighter of the Year. Suffice to say; he was dominated force in Price. Before Price was obtained by the UFC, Gomi had put together a record of 13, 1, and 1. Unfortunately, he didn’t so so well in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Nevertheless, fans of Pride will always respect Gomi for his brawling style.

Chan Sung Jung

At this point, Chan Sung Jung is still new to the MMA game. He has been around for a little while, but he has been plagued with injuries. This has let him on the sidelines for a long time. Nevertheless, the Korean Zombie has managed to build a massive fan base. Much of that has to do with his reckless, brawling style. When you know Jung is going to be fighting, you need to be watching. All of his fights are intense and lightning-fast. At this point, he is making his way towards a title shot in the UFC. The South Korean MMA fighter competed in the Featherweight division, and he could be on his way toward earning a title shot in the near future.