Slot games may be rejuvenating their image as casinos try to appeal to younger generations who have grown up with the internet, incredible graphics, and outstanding games consoles. Yet, some online slot games remain just as popular throughout the ages, such as Asian and Oriental slot games.

Asian-themed slot games can play on different topics from lucky symbols, dragons, pandas, and many other animals associated with Asian countries as demonstrated by the Chinese themed slot Imperial Riches. There are also many game developers from Asia that make these games well, such as Konami.

Great games are more likely to be popular, but the Asian theme alone is not the only reason why Asian slot games are so prevalent in land and online casinos. Here are some more reasons why Asian slot games are lucrative for the gambling industry.

Asian Slots Attract Asian Gamblers

It is only natural that we like the things that resonate with our own culture, or for ex-pats, those things that remind us of home. For Asians at home and abroad who like to gamble, playing Asian slot games is a natural choice. They can probably relate to the symbols within the games better than westerners and understand mythical creatures or symbols with more detail.

The reason why this is lucrative for the gambling industry is that Asians make up the largest ethnicity in the world, meaning Asian slots have even more significant potential to generate players.

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Add Asian Gambling Culture to the Mix

If oriental slots already have the power to attract a bigger market due to the demographics of world ethnicities, that power is magnified when you realize how much gambling is part of Asian cultures. It is estimated that Asia accounts for 40% of the world’s economy, and within that economy, they have a reputation for enjoying trips to the casino and playing slots online.

Asian Tourism: Thinking about the Numbers

Asian slot games are not just popular on Asian soil. They are lucrative to casinos and online casino sites across the western world as well. Although UK residents visit the USA the most, they are closely followed down by the airport runway by the Japanese and Chinese. These Asian tourists flock to the USA to experience the states and frequently visiting casinos, and especially Las Vegas.

With so many Asian tourists heading to the Mecca of gambling, it is only natural that Vegas plays an excellent host and offers them the Asian slot games they enjoy playing. They are enjoyed by the Japanese because casinos are not legal in their home country, and tourism presents a unique opportunity for them to try slot games, poker, and more.