Each country has a standard style for the car’s number plates. They differ in colors, the number of digits, and letters on them. But in the United States, there is no standard for a car license plate, neither in color nor in symbols.

All that the law obliges is that alphabetic and digital characters must be from two to eight, and their combination must be unique. Seeing colorful number plates on cars while driving on the road is joyful and exciting. It’s impressive, but that’s not all each state has a different number plate from the other and has a meaning behind it.

Hidden Meaning Behind The Number Plates in the USA

The standard license plates in the United States are quite bright and vary from state to state. Often you can see animals or plants on them, symbolizing a particular area. Let’s the cars from mountainous regions have a representation of mountains on them.

Some license plates contain references to significant historical events, while others bear well-known mottos that evoke associations with a particular state. For example, cars from Alabama have “God Bless America” written on their number plates.

But despite this, many residents of the country have enough creativity. They, therefore, choose an option for them is getting personalized or private number plates for their aid.

Are Personalized Number Plates Legal?

In the United States, it is legal and can be used in place of the standard issued by the authorities at the Department of Transportation. Today, about 10 million American car owners use such numbers. People decide the numbers and letters of their car number plates by their own choice.

Getting them is pretty easy without ever getting off the couch. To do this, you need to go to the website of the Department of Transport or another body that issues license plates in a particular region or state and fill out an application for a personalized number.

Fee for Personalized License Plate

Now, this facility of getting personalized number plates doesn’t come without any fee. Of course, there are charges for this service, and the total amount of the price will differ from state to state. For example, in Virginia, which has the largest number of personalized license plates, this creative costs only $ 10 / year.

While in Texas you have to pay $ 50 if you want to change its background, $ 150 / year for 6-digit lettering, or $ 195 / year – for 7-digits.

Special Number Plates

Representatives of professions such as a doctor, firefighter, journalist, engineer, etc., in a number of states, can order a unique number with a coat of arms or a code denoting their specialty. Therefore, you can quickly identify the car of a doctor or a journalist while traveling from the road.

It is allowed to enter letters, numbers, as well as several symbols in the sign. Still, each state has its restrictions, in general, prohibiting obscene expressions and insults (although, on the roads, there are examples of numbers that managed to bypass such rules).

How Soon Can You Receive the Number Plate?

Notably, in some states, a personalized number can be ordered as a gift to someone, a testament to how simple the process is. You just have to place an order online by following a few simple steps.

After placing an order, the standard plates are received with ten days. However, if you have placed an order for a unique or personalized number plate, it will usually arrive by mail within 2-6 weeks.


The number of plates in the United States differs from the rest of the world even vary from state to state and is more colorful and attractive. So, if you are living there, you can get a personalized number plate for your most expensive cars depending upon your choice.

Despite the freedom to get any number plate, there are some standard rules which must be followed. Otherwise, there would be a fine or other legal action taken against you. To avoid such a situation, one must read the whole guidelines while ordering a new unique or personalized number plate for a car.