Fluoride varnish is used to fight tooth decay in children. When we think fluoride varnish most of us often think of dentists applying an awfully tasting fluoride substance on the teeth. We need to swish the nasty stuff. Who wants to see their poor child’s face crying and trying their hardest to swish the awful stuff?

Indeed the nasty flavors and tastes make the kids feel like gagging. And like you have realized even from kids drugs, taste is a very important sense to the child as well as to the adults.

A good taste will make your kids to experience the fluoride varnish procedure in the most comfortable way. It is quite easy and pretty much efficient to apply any drug including fluoride vanish to your kids’ teeth when it tastes good and leaves a subtle and pleasant aftertaste too.

In short, the best fluoride varnish should not only set on the teeth when it comes in contact with saliva but should also have a good taste and texture that can make the difference between a positive and a negative dental experience.

Fluoride Varnish: What It Is Made Of?

Fluoride vanish is usually developed to increase the retention levels of the topical fluoride around the teeth’s enamel. To enhance the retention level, manufacturers use some form of adhesion-promoting agents such as alcoholic solution of natural vanishes or polyurethane lacquer. They set easily on the surface of tooth in the presence of saliva or moisture. When the retention is good, more protection levels are achieved around the teeth and against cavity causing bacteria.

The main ingredient of fluoride vanish is 5% sodium fluoride or 2% difluorosilane. However these ingredients may have their intrinsic unpleasant tastes that some persons may not like. To feel the varnish pleasant in mouth it is usually sweetened with xylitol and flavored with flavoring agents.

Advantages of Non-offensive Taste in Fluoride Varnish

The reasons why we should root more for the non-offensive tastes when it comes to fluoride vanish are quite a number really. Some of the most common ones are the following:

Ease of application

You must have guessed that too. Yes, kids won’t have to bear the bad taste of annoying substances anymore. There will be no dental trauma and more importantly any suggestion for a dental checkup and a subsequent application of the fluoride-vanish will be readily welcomed.

Kids will be easily traumatized by very small things including bad tastes. That’s why choosing the fruity tasty fluoride vanish will be really cool.

Takes less time

Since kids will love it more, they won’t have to fidget again. In fact, they won’t have to fight the application any more. This means they will come in with jaws wide open and eyes popping out of their sockets. In any case it’s just like another trip to the pizza dome.

Use smaller amounts of fluoride

I have seen kids spit out that poor tasting fluoride vanish before. The more they spit it out the more you will want to apply and the higher the level of wastes.

With a tasty fluoride vanish though, it is quite simple. The fluoride vanish will be allowed to settle and that way it will be quite effective around the teeth.

Lesser patient discomfort

Except during the application, your patient won’t have more discomfort thereafter. In fact if the application process is also gentle, the patient might never even notice that you applied anything on their teeth.

How Is Fluoride Varnish Applied?

The process is very simple. Typically, the varnish is usually painted on the kid’s teeth just like you do your nail polish. It is a pretty quick and extremely easy process.

Here is a step by step guide that will shed in more light.

  • Thorough oral prophylaxis is done
  • The tooth is dried
  • The varnish is applied over the surface of every tooth
  • Patient instructed to keep the mouth wide open for a few minutes until varnish dries

NOTE: A special brush is used. Many people often anticipate the use of cotton rolls but that never works as the varnish will easily stick to it. In addition to that, once the varnish is applied, you are advised to refrain from eating for one hour.

Is Tasted Fluoride Varnish Safe?

Yes, fluoride varnish is safe and can be used with a number of people including babies from the very first time they develop the first teeth. However, it is important to seek professional advice from the dentist so that you apply the right quantities.

What Should You Do after Fluoride Varnish Is Applied on Your Kid’s Teeth?

We mentioned a few above. Here are some other things that you should do once fluoride varnish is applied on your kid’s teeth.

  • Don’t feed your kid on hot foods and drinks for at least four hours after the varnish is painted.
  • Don’t give your kid hard foodstuffs including chips
  • Feed your kid on warm and soft foods instead.
  • Don’t brush their teeth immediately. Wait until the next morning.

NOTE: if your child’s teeth appear yellowish after the fluoride varnish has been painted on it, don’t panic. It is quite normal. The yellow touch will come off once you brush the teeth the following morning.

What is used to mask offensive taste of fluoride varnish

Sweeteners and food flavors are what companies that manufacture fluoride varnish use to give these varnishes the tasty touch. To feel the varnish pleasant in mouth it is usually sweetened with xylitol or any other sweetening agents. The fluoride varnish that tastes good usually comes with fruity flavor. They may also come with other flavors like orange, bubble gum, strawberry, cool mint etc.

Why Taste Matters?

As I mentioned earlier any drug including fluoride vanish, when it tastes good the patients acceptance goes higher.

This is particularly important because the fluoride varnish stays longer on the teeth in contact with mouth and are tasted more thoroughly.

Also if the varnish is not tasted, youngers may hate it. In this case they will either spit it out or refuse to use it. A good taste is the best way to make sure that the kids love the varnish and uses it willingly.

So there isn’t a shred of doubt that fluoride varnish should be tasty. It is the surest way to keep our kids from the harmful cavities and that’s why we need to always get the best.