2020 has been a long and hectic year, with the whole world fighting against the deadly COVID-19. But things are JUST getting better and seem to be a lot settled now. No, the virus hasn’t gone anywhere but the world is learning to adjust to the new normal and the precautions as per the needs of COVID-19 times.

With things getting better around the world, countries are now reopening their borders for tourism. This means – it’s finally time to plan vacations at a beautiful destination. Many of you might have planned it already while many of you might be wondering where to head!

If you are planning to have some quality me-time in Munich, Germany, and amuse yourself with the sights of the world’s beautiful cultural and historical monuments, Radius Tours is where you should be headed for arranging your Munich tours– like right now!

Radius Tours

Radius Tours is a group of professional trip organizers who conduct organized and enjoyable city tours, guided tours, and sight-seeing trips in Munich. The tour group holds a remarkable working history as it is one of the oldest tour operators based in Bavaria.

Why You Should Hire Radius Tours?

  • The interesting and appealing factor about Radius Tours is that they hold a specialty in guided English Language Tours.
  • Their city tours are highly recommended and admired!
  • If you want to get an authentic view of Bavarian Culture, then Radius Tours is your option. They offer the visitors Oktoberfest and Bavarian Beer tours in Munich so that they can grasp the true essence of pure Bavarian Culture.
  • The tour guides take tourists on sightseeing trips around Munich where the tourists are not only briefed about the locations but are also told the important details of locations, the history as well as told the true associated stories about the locations they visit.
  • The guides sent along with the group of tourists or visitors make sure that the needs of every single person are catered to and everyone enjoys at their best!

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Radius Tours Deals In:

  • Tours from Munich to Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Tour through Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial and Herrenchiemsee castles.
  • City Tours
  • Sightseeing trips
  • Bike rentals
  • Tour guide in the English language
  • Private tours

Prime Features Of Radius Tours

Cultural Awareness:

What’s the use of a trip through a place, if you don’t get to know the cultural history and stories associated with that place? Radius Tours has a team of professional guides who accompany the tourists, explain the historical background of castles and monuments that Munich is so popular for!

Unforgettable Travelling Experience

The prime motto of Radius Tours is to ensure its tourists take home an unforgettable traveling experience and memories that stay in the heart forever! To serve the purpose, the tourists are led through the beautiful yet prime routes to the respective destinations. Traveling through Munich is all about Ferry rides, long walks beside the scenic views, and a plethora of interesting stories!

Moreover, the team also reserves special tables at famous restaurants for the dining purpose of tourists. It’s made sure that they are served with lavish meals!

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Effective Communication and Engagement with Tourists

The passionate tour guides make sure that there is effective and adequate communication between them and their guest visitors. Besides, the visitors are kept engaged with the interactive story-telling and chat sessions throughout the trip!

Punctuality and Discipline

One hires tour operators for an organized and hassle-free trip but that is not possible without punctuality and discipline at the organizer’s side. Radius Tour is very careful and committed when it comes to punctuality and discipline. While traveling with Radius Tours through Munich, you just need to chill and leave all the planning and organizing stuff over the team!

Passion and Enthusiasm

Radius Tours was founded out of a passion for tourism and traveling. The team comprises passionate and enthusiastic tour operators, organizers, and guides. Their prime objective is to cater and serve the tourists with their best services and to organize well-managed and well-disciplined trips throughout Munich.

Kind and Considerate Attitude

Most people feel reluctant in hiring the services of tour operators because they are somehow afraid of the attitude and straight T&Cs of tour organizers. But, at Radius Tours, there is no such thing to worry about. Everyone on the team is humble, friendly, and kind to the tourists. In fact, considering the concerns and accommodating the needs of tourists are given first priority.

Radius Tours is considered as a leading tour operating company in Munich. It has gazillions of positive reviews that recommend its services. If you want to have an amazing, comfortable, and hassle-free trip to Munich, you can trust Radius Tours! So, your answer to the question – which is the top providers for tours in Munich, Germany, Radius Tours is your answer!