So, you finally found true love. Everything seems absolutely perfect, until you, or maybe her, realize that your dating ideas are a bit, shall we say, trite and stale.

Dinner out and to the movies? Check. Netflix and chill at yours? Check. Even a spa weekend doesn’t feel that thrilling anymore. Does this mean that you’re destined to a life of dates that all look samey-samey and don’t bring any excitement to your relationship? Not at all! Just read our guide with some of the best ideas for a romantic date, and get ready to try them all. Trust us, she will be absolutely over the moon. But if you are still single, then use the Promenad free dating site and meet new people online, this is a great option for singles (and you can thank us later).

  1. Challenge Each Other at Video or Board Games

Are you both keen gamers? Then, organize a game night! It doesn’t have to be video games necessarily; you could opt for something more classic like Trivial Pursuit or a good old Monopoly.

Whatever you choose, you’ll end up spending a few hours of pure fun which might even make you feel a bit younger!

  1. Take a Dance Class

Has she already forced you to sit through Dirty Dancing? If you’ve managed it, you will have surely understood one crucial thing: dancing can be very erotic.

We’re not asking you to become the next Patrick Swayze, but if you’re serious about organizing a truly memorable date night, then why not book a dance class to take together? Believe us, you’ll see the sparks dance all around you.

  1. Have Dinner Together (Under the Stars)

“Look at the stars, look how they shine for you” used to sing a very young and almost unknown Chris Martin from Coldplay. Well, a starry sky remains the subject of many songs and movies, and you can turn it into the centerpiece of a romantic night.

Prepare a simple but delicious dinner, and bring it outside: to your rooftop, your backyard, or a local park. Don’t forget some LED lights and candles to up your romance game.

  1. Embrace a Social Cause Together

Who said volunteering can’t be romantic stuff? Especially at the time of the coronavirus crisis, you might feel the urge to do something useful for vulnerable people. And if she feels the same, then it’s a date.

Find something that you’re both truly passionate about, and turn your time together into an occasion to do something important and selfless.

  1. Bring the Spa Home

How about a little bit of DIY pampering? No actual spa needed: you can do it all from the comfort of your home (or hers).

You can shop online for all the essentials (such as bath salts, candles, massage oils, and lotions) and transform your bathroom into a real haven of calm and sensuality. Oh, and don’t forget to put on some relaxing music, for a complete spa-like experience.

  1. Get Crafty…

If you’re both artsy types, then getting crafty together might turn into a great date night idea. The options are virtually endless, it just depends on what you guys are into.

And if you really want to turn the heat up a notch, why not ask her to be your model while you paint or draw her portrait? If you don’t think that this is one of the most romantic things to do with your girlfriend, then go ask Jack and Rose.

  1. …Or Get Sweaty

OK, OK, we know exactly what you’re thinking about. While that type of sweat can surely make for a pretty awesome date, that’s not what we mean. In lockdown, chances are that you have tried some online fitness classes, and she has very possibly done the same.

So, why not join forces — quite literally — and work out together? We’ll let you guys decide whether or not to have a shower together as well…

  1. Cook Something Aphrodisiacal Together

Have you ever tried any of the so-called aphrodisiac foods? They say that dishes such as oysters and champagne, strawberries and cream, figs, and even chocolate might put you in the mood for love.

Whether you believe the hype or not, and regardless of how good a chef you are, cooking together might be fun and romantic, so why not give it a go?

  1. Try an All-Nighter of Movies and Snacks (and Watch the Sun Rise)

If you’re both into movies (and are night owls) then you could decide to stay up the whole night to binge-watch movies while munching on yummy snacks. You could opt for either a whole saga such as Star Wars or Lord of the Rings or make it a themed night and stock up on horrors or comedies.

Before you know it, the sunrise will be there waiting for you: a perfect ending to a perfect date night.

  1. Go on a Tour of Your City Parks

A true classic, portrayed by many movies and tv series, is a romantic walk in the park. But, to make it a bit different, turn it into a tour of the local parks and garden. Bring a picnic basket with you, some portable speakers to add a touch of music, and a blanket to sit or lie on the grass, staring at the sky. Sounds pretty blissful, right?

Ready to Wow Her with These Ideas for a Romantic Date?

See?! It doesn’t take much to create the most amazing, unique date night. If you follow our ideas for a romantic date, then you and your lucky partner are in for a truly unforgettable time.

Be creative, choose something that you will both enjoy, and give yourself plenty of time to organize the fine details. She will be pleasantly surprised to have such an imaginative, thoughtful, and romantic boyfriend.