Crown prince Lee Yool orders the marriage of all singles throughout Joseon to avoid consummating his own marriage to the crown princess, on his way to the rainmaking ritual the crown prince and party are ambushed by assassins, as he barely escapes alive a head injury will refrain him from recovering his memory, therefore, for the following 100 days he will live as Won Deuk a simple and useless man married to the very bright Hong Shim, who he doesn’t know is intimately related to a past he cannot remember.


(D.O.) Do Kyungsoo as Prince Lee Yool/Won Deuk

Smart and prideful as the crown prince Lee Yool, the prince has little to nothing patience to mistakes and resents his position as the crown prince, therefore, from the moment he became the crown prince he has not smiled. The murder of a woman in the palace makes him search for the culprit, making him aware of an underline conspiration in the palace that will eventually attempt against his life and leave him as the clueless Won Deuk, the dumbest man in the village.

Na Ji Hyun as Hong Shim/Yoon Yi Seo

Yoon Yi Seo is a mature strong woman that comes from a noble family, Due to the machinations of important political figures her family was murdered and she was forced to adopt the identity of Hong Shim a simple village girl, yet Yoon Yi Seo does not lose hope of finding the only living family member she has left: her beloved older brother. Unfortunately, the last command of the Crown Prince for all the singles of the country to marry will force her to marry the useless Won Deuk.

My impression so far

This drama was premiered last September 10, is still on air and is giving a lot to talk about, personally and with all honesty, I started to see this drama only for D.O. (I love EXO) but I ended up falling in love with the story and now I find myself anxiously waiting for the next episodes. Right now the story is very close to its climax.
Because the drama is still on air, I can’t say much without revealing spoilers, but I can take the liberty of commenting on some things that won’t reveal the plot to you.

First of all, Do Kyungsoo performance. In spite of being his fan I don’t have the habit of blinding myself to reality and one of the things that made me nervous was that he wouldn’t be able to handle the character well, you see,  D.O. naturally  has a very calm personality and Lee Yool/Won Deuk is a complex character, at the beginning, we get to see him as the prideful and serious Lee Yool, but, when he becomes Won Deuk and Won Deuk learns bit by bit about himself, how the society around him works and becomes closer to Hong Shim, the character matures, develops, falls in love with Hong Shim and I didn’t realize it, he changes bit by bit and I realized then, that I was worried for nothing. I just fell in love with his character.

Na Ji Hyun, despite being a young actress is very experienced, the reason is that she has been acting since her youth, from the very beginning her performance seems good to me, I felt very confident about her, but she has played the role of a mature and strong woman before so it did not generate the impression that  made D.O. to me.
When the drama finishes I will give my final opinion, completely neutral (or at least I’ll try) meanwhile, this post had a clear objective from the start: if you have not seen yet “100 Days My Prince” run to watch it now, and share your opinion with us … it is always good to share. 🙂