Some people consider an English major as one of the most difficult in Humanities. Students who pick English studies study not only grammar but everything that relates to various fields – writing, critical thinking, public speaking, understanding literature, and even education. Typically, they had to complete tons of written coursework and have to pull all-nighters to meet deadlines for their assignments or look for professional help at a perfect essay writing service. That’s why they often suffer severe caffeine addiction and are mocked by other students as being nerdy.

Here are the obvious signs you should be an English major.

  1. You enjoy reading and do it just for fun. A library is your second home. You have cherished authors and read their books to find inspiration. When reading, you forget about everything and get very upset when people interrupt you.
  2. You often read to relieve stress but your book list may consist of more than 20 books, and only one of them is not related to an English class.
  3. You thought that books were cool when you were a child and liked to talk about the books that you read in class.
  4. When reading, you pay attention to every single word and try to find a meaning in everything.
  5. You don’t complain when your instructor assigns a five-page essay and tell your friends that it is the easiest thing you have to do in a week.
  6. When some of your friends ask you to edit their papers, you do it with pleasure because it doesn’t seem like work to you regardless of the length of writing.
  7. You are fond of writing, and it’s your favorite form of expressing your thoughts. You write with enthusiasm and humor that is in a way similar to how you usually tell stories to your friends.
  8. You prefer writing academic essays instead of taking multiple-choice tests. You can write a ten-page paper the night before it is due.
  9. You are a perfectionist and can definitely delete your social media post if it has a typo to preserve your reputation.
  10. You may wake up in the middle of the night just to jot down some ideas from your dreams while you still remember them.
  11. You believe in brainstorming and typically start working on your essays before meal or sleep. As a result, you have to stay late at night to create a perfect ending to your eight-page essay.
  12. You are a hard worker, can multitask, and handle high pressure. Your to-do list includes a lot of items, and you manage to complete them in the same week no matter how busy your schedule is. You can easily write an 800-word essay, a blog article, a poem while reading several chapters from a book, doing your homework, going to the club, playing sport, going shopping at the local store, doing laundry, and more. It’s quite normal for you.
  13. You get frustrated when you encounter bad grammar and are annoyed when your peers can’t understand simple stuff.
  14. You can’t help commenting with a correction when you hear someone who speaks English poorly. Besides, you are meticulous and always find errors in printed texts.
  15. You frequently analyze movies and books. You feel so happy when you write a great analysis of a stupid work of literature. You can develop a thesis statement that will require an entire page to provide context.
  16. You use imagination when working on a class project, essay, sales advertisement or group work.
  17. You dream of becoming a technical, academic or creative writer. You think it’s your calling.
  18. You love learning new sophisticated words. When you look for a word in a dictionary, you typically read the complete definition, including the word’s etymology.
  19. You have downloaded words-related apps like, Daily Inspiration & Quotes, Words with Friends etc. You enjoy reading dictionaries and always have one nearby when are working on writing assignments or reading.
  20. You prefer to express informed opinions and have skills to win any argument no matter from which side.
  21. You practice writing on a daily basis and may have several journals.
  22. You like collecting books and may spend many hours in the library or a bookstore choosing a book to read. The shelves in your bookcase are organized by authors and are color coded.
  23. You simply adore the smell of new books on the shelf.
  24. You know very well that there is a big difference between a literature and a crappy writing and may be obsessed with literary symbolism or read literary criticism for fun.
  25. You don’t understand people who unreasonably hate literature and consider them awful.

Does any of these signs sound like you? Choosing a major is not easy, but if you find yourself relating to this list, an English major may be a perfect option for you.