webandi (CC0), Pixabay

Being a project manager is not easy. There are plenty of factors that are needed to be taken care of. From handling various teams to juggling several projects at once, the work schedules of a manager always seem too tight.

Now, over the years, corporate processes have certainly evolved, bringing various ways for project managers to take control of their lives.

You can find several tools that act as a right hand for project managers and various methods that can help managers stay on schedule. One of the most important tasks for a project manager is to conduct employee training to ensure their skills are always up to the mark.

One tool that can help make this easy for managers is an LMS, a cloud-based training platform that enables you to create, execute, and track training sessions. Many might think that an LMS cost a lot of money. It is quite the opposite. It is in fact one of the most cost-effective tools.

Just like this, there are plenty of other ways and tools for project managers and you can read about them all below.

  • Note down all the tasks 

It might seem like a pretty obvious first step but many still rely on their memory power to manage their tasks. The chances of you missing out on the important tasks and the related details are a lot.

Thus, it is best to make a list of everything that needs to be done beforehand. Involving the team in this step is another great way to make it easier and ensure you don’t miss out on anything.

Once you have a list created, make sure to share it with your employees to ensure you didn’t miss out on anything. They can always help you add the things that are not mentioned already but are quite important to be taken care of.

Once you have the tasks, prioritize what needs to be done, and develop a path to reach the targets effectively and efficiently.

  • Add slack time 

When you add slack time to your project management deliberately, the chances of you staying on schedule increases. Slack time, in other words, buffer time, helps you tackle unforeseen circumstances. This gives you the flexibility to ensure you are always on track, especially for our employees.

With this buffer, project managers can easily delay the task whenever necessary, without fearing that the work will get piled up or not get completed on time.

Building slack time for projects is pretty normal and project managers have the ability to control the duration. It is their responsibility to ensure that they figure out the best way to improve employee productivity through this time. For instance, they can move their idle team members to a task that requires more attention.

  • Adopt the necessary digital tools 

As discussed above, there is now a myriad of digital tools that are available for project managers. These tools are there to make the lives and work schedules of the managers a lot easier, giving them an opportunity to maintain a balance.

Apart from an LMS, managers can consider investing in a time management tool. This tool will help you keep your time in check. You can easily figure out the time a task takes to get completed and delegate the tasks accordingly to your employees.

Another tool that you can adopt is a project management tool. From assigning tasks to ensuring team collaboration, this tool can easily take over half of your workload and give you enough time on your hands to focus on the growth of your organization.


Being a project manager has its own challenges. Multi-tasking and juggling between several tasks are not as easy as it sounds. On the contrary, it can get overwhelming. Fortunately, there are tools and methods to make the life of project managers easy and relaxed.