Facebook advertising has turned into one of the most effective digital marketing tactics available today. But simply advertising for the sake of it will do nothing for your business, especially if you’re looking for more conversions and better SEO over time. Since Facebook is part of nearly everyone’s world today, you need to make sure you’re using the right opportunities to maximize its effectiveness. Here are some nifty ideas to help you do so:

Track Content That Resonates Best With Your Target Audience

Just because you have a particular product doesn’t necessarily mean that your audience is going to buy it. You need to tie it in with content that is genuinely valuable and interesting to your prospects. Consider the following:

  • Track the posts your existing followers like and click on – they represent the larger audience and may help you target your posts more specifically.
  • Check what your competitors are posting and what their audience is engaging with too as there may be certain areas that you’re missing out on.
  • Test different types of content to see what posts get the most shares, comments and likes.

Once you have this information, you’ll be able to create a Facebook advertising post that is relevant to your audience.

Be Clear About The Objective Of Your Ad

Facebook advertising allows you to choose how you want to promote your ad so there can be different levels of engagement based on what you choose. Some of your options include:

  • Boosted posts (existing) on your Facebook business pages to your current followers.
  • Promote your Facebook page to your select audience to gain more followers and build engagement.
  • Promote your business locally within a specific region if you’re looking to attract walk-in customers.
  • Get more website visitors and enhance SEO rankings by re-directing traffic to your site and specific landing pages, you can use for this a local SEO agency.
  • Get more leads by getting people to share their contact information so you can share marketing material with them over time.

With so many different ad types available, you need to determine your specific call to action and choose accordingly. Once you’re clear about your objective, you’ll find it much easier to establish relevant content.

Segment Your Audience Wisely For Boosted Conversions

Depending on what products or services you sell, you may have different audience lists. If you don’t target the right people, your ad copy will never be compelling (even if you think it is). Let’s look at a specific example of a woman’s clothing company.

  • A clothing apparel company for women may cater to different age groups with different outfit choices.
  • Since clothing for more mature women may differ from teenagers, you’ll want to make sure your ad is properly targeted to reach the right audience.
  • Each age group may have a specific clothing option so you will need to determine who you’re specifically targeted with your post.
  • If you’ve conducted any other marketing activity, make sure you use any insights you’ve gained from that to create a specific ad to each group of women.

When you segment your audience, your Facebook ad becomes more focussed, and in turn, more effective. The more your audience resonates with the ad, the greater the chance of them converting. This approach may appear narrow, but a bang-on audience is exactly what you want.

Keep Mobile In Mind When Designing Your Ad

One of the most important things you must do when designing your Facebook ad is to keep mobile devices in mind. That’s because a majority of your audience is probably going to see your ad on their phones and not on computer screens. Consider the following –

  • People spend hours every day surfing through social media channels like Facebook on their phones.
  • Images should be optimized so they can be viewed easily on mobile devices without appearing too large.
  • Always test what the ad will look like on a mobile device before you let it go live.

If your ultimate call to action is to drive readers to a specific landing page on your website, then you must ensure that these pages are also mobile friendly for the best user experience and better SEO.

Facebook advertising can be extremely effective because of how targeted your audience can be, but you must follow these tips for the best results.