Weddings take so much preparation, but many brides overlook small details that can make all the difference on the day. There are many obvious things you will inevitably know – book a venue, buy a wedding dress, and order a cake – but there are some things you just don’t think of without the benefit of hindsight.

Shapewear = Your New Best Friend

If you’ve been dreaming of an unforgiving wedding dress design but don’t feel confident in the fit, don’t despair! Before you throw in the towel and feel you need to choose your second-best option, try the dress on again with some good quality shapewear.

If you think shapewear only comes in functional, visually unappealing designs, think again. There are many options available that are downright sexy and will have you feeling like you are ready for your wedding night and honeymoon!

Look After Your Little Princesses!

From your point-of-view, it’s your day to look and feel like a princess, but if you have flower girls, they might have the same thought for themselves! Chances are your flower girls are relatives or children of close friends, and you want to make sure they feel special too.

When you are picking out flower girl dresses for the smallest members of your bridal party, try and keep in mind, they are probably looking at the sea of wedding dresses with absolute wonder.
If you are not keen on having flower girl dresses in white and want to avoid the same color as the rest of the bridal party, why not look at ivory flower girl dresses? This helps them feel like a princess while avoiding the mini-bride look.

The Maybe Bag

Getting a small clutch prepared with necessities such as lipstick and tissues is the easy bag to think of, but it’s the ‘other bag’ you should plan ahead. This bag will be the functional one you have tucked away with a trusted friend – the one you know will always be nearby, catch your eye quickly, and understand what you want without a word.

Some of the items to include for this bag are headache tablets, a bottle of water, snacks like protein bars, Band-Aid’s, and tampons. Chances are you won’t need anything in it, but it’s reassuring to know these items are readily available throughout the long day if you need them.


It’s one thing to expect the unexpected, and another thing to accept that the unexpected can and will happen. Even if you plan ahead and have contingencies to cover every potential issue, chances are there will be things out of your control, and often, your reaction can be what determines if it will ruin the day.

Unless there are serious problems like vendor cancellations, it’s best to pick your battles and accept there are some things that are not worth wasting time and energy on – like minor issues like a small mark on the wedding dress.

Try and enjoy your wedding day and the exchanging of your wedding rings come what may – it only happens once!