FLV is a format widely used by the community and of low weight, considering the MP4 format. But today, the MP4 format is more widely used and more compatible with the vast majority of applications and players. For this reason, we will show you the best FLV to MP4 converters with which you can get a quick and simple process. Converting between formats is possible and easy, as there are many applications dedicated exclusively to it. But, of all of them, some contain extra functionality or greater ease of use than others.

For that reason below, I show you the best FLV to MP4 converters available so far.

Wondershare UniConverter


Based on the experience of using converters, this is one of the best designed and adapted for use by any user. In addition, it has a large number of formats to convert, including FLV to MP4, and tools, including burning discs. There is a paid version that has full features, supporting professional work. If you want professional results, UniConverter Wondershare is the best. It can convert no less than 1000 formats at high speed without reducing video quality. Based on our experience, this tool is the best one, that is why we put this on the number 1 of our list.

FreeMake Video Converter

This converter is very useful and simple. Unlike the other, we don’t have the same tools and we still have fewer conversion options, but in this case, we will only use FLV to MP4 so that it fulfills its mission completely. Also, it allows us to convert video and audio, even from a URL.


Any Video Converter


This video converter is released gradually. Although we have a slightly outdated interface or even a slightly complicated principle, we will see in a few minutes how easy it is to use. Besides, we have information that can be interesting, as well as tools to edit and retouch the video before conversion. Therefore, it can be a free alternative to conventional or most used converters.



This program is mainly known for its video compression function. But also, we have several options to interact with. And among them are those of converting the video to MP4 format. In addition to this format, we have other formats and presets quite peculiar for their conversion.

Free HD Video Converter Factory


This program is little known, but it is an alternative to another better known, very good. As soon as you log in, they explain how to convert a video in just 3 simple steps. Also, they allow you to choose the quality of the video format to which we want to convert it, simply by moving an available bar at the bottom.

VLC Media Player


Yes, this program that we commonly use to play our videos also allows us to convert them. It is not a very important option within the program, as it was and is known for its video player and not for the tools it incorporates. But the video conversion tool works very well, although on large files it can be a little slow. Something we can highlight is that, in compression, the video does not lose quality and the weight can be reduced significantly. This option is available in the “Medium> Convert” tab.

Free MP4 Video Converter

This program allows us to convert almost any video format to MP4. Its interface is simple, but at the same time attractive, it allows you to convert videos with just a few clicks. We also have two drop-down windows in which we can choose the format and quality of this. The developer of this has a converter on the same download page online, with which we can also convert our videos in this way.