Japan is an amazing country full of culture and most noted for its traditional arts, calligraphy, beautiful, distinctive gardens, Mount Fuji, poetry, and beautiful women. Many men would love to date Japenese women, and if you are looking for tips to harness the attention of a young Japenese dame, then this article is for you. Some good qualities that Japenese women have are that they have legible handwriting, they make great cooks; they are modest and much more. Below are some tips to help you to date Japanese women. You can also go to truth.best to get more information on dating and dating sites to help you in the endeavor.

Listen To Her Closely

Japenese women love a man who is attentive to her speech. If you want to make a Japanese woman feel like a queen, be sure to listen to even the most frivolous of details of her conversation. Try to let her do most of the talking because Japanese women love to talk.

Always Send Many Messages

Japanese women always gauge men by how much they message them. It shows them that they are being thought about, and therefore they matter. Always make sure to send her as many messages you can so she knows she is on your mind.

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Reply to Messages ASAP

What Japanese women find most offending is when men don’t reply to their texts as quickly as possible. Don’t read a message and not reply, regardless of how busy you are. Make sure you always reply, and if you’re busy, just let her know in a brief message, so she doesn’t feel ignored.

Learn the Culture & Language

One of the best ways to show a Japanese woman that you are really interested in her is by learning more about Japanese culture and the Japanese language. This will show how devoted you are. Japenese is the 9th most widely spoken language in the world, so this is a decision you won’t regret in the future as it can help you in other areas as well.

Join a Gym

Japanese women love men who are tall, thin, and muscular. This shows them that the man is strong and brave enough to take care of them. Try joining a gym to build some muscle. This will really impress her.

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Always Maintain Eye Contact

Men who look here and there when they are around their woman always look deceitful. This is one characteristic that Japanese women can’t handle. Make sure you always look at her when you are talking to her or vice versa.

Wear Simple Clean Clothes

Who wants to date someone who smells terrible? We all know the answer to this. Men who keep themselves clean and wear simple clothes like jeans and a t-shirt really catch the attention of Japenese women.

Be Funny

We all can use a laugh once in a while, and it’s probably this reason why girls everywhere on the globe love men who are playful and funny. Japanese women really adore men who are witty. In the midst of conversation, try to pass a witty remark to get her to laugh.