Weddings are undeniably the most awaited day in the lives of millions of people around the globe. People start planning their bid day at least a month before the event starts. They spend a lot of time deciding the event’s theme, style, and overall vibe.

Many people decide on a particular theme for their wedding in accordance with their personality. There are various themes that you can choose from to go for. If you also have your wedding day planned in the coming six months, it is the right time to decide on a perfect theme for your wedding.

After deciding on the theme, you will then choose everything in accordance with your theme. There are various brands that provide wedding wear to fit a particular theme. Jovani wedding dresses come in a variety of options for you to choose from. Let’s dive into the wedding themes that will help you decide on which bridal dress to go for:

Opt For Fairytale Theme

Fairytale-themed weddings are one of the oldest yet trendy themes that work perfectly for a big day. Nowadays, you will find a lot of young girls waiting for their dream day to be just like a fairytale scene. The fairytale theme involves decoration based on a lot of floral work. Red roses are a must when it comes to a fairytale-themed event.

The wedding dress is usually the one that comes in Cinderella style with extensive flare and ruffled fabric. Moreover, it also involves crystal chandeliers hanging in the place where the wedding is planned. A fairytale theme is incomplete without the groom wearing a prince-style coat.

Go With a Romantic Theme

A romantic theme is usually chosen by couples that fall in the ‘hopeless romantic’ category and continue to inspire millions of more couples throughout the globe. The romantic themes are the ones that entail light and pastel hues and large floral arrangements, usually in white and red colors.

The wedding dresses that are typically worn in a romantic wedding are flowy and simple, made of silk, linen, or other light material. Natural makeup is a fantastic fit for a romantic theme.

Stick With a Classic Wedding

Classical weddings never fail to please traditional and old-schooled couples. Such weddings follow all traditional rituals and styling themes. The colors are usually kept light, along with a definitive floral arrangement.

The bride wears a traditional white dress with a long tail that the bridesmaids carry, following the bride down the aisle. Furthermore, the bridesmaids also follow a similar dress theme and follow simple colors that are essentially the same.

Garden Style Wedding Theme

The decoration at a wedding loudly speaks of the theme that the wedding follows. A garden-style wedding has a lot of greenery in the decoration. Moreover, there are gigantic floral arrangements throughout the hall.

The bride and groom follow a breezy theme when deciding the dresses that comply with the garden theme. The cake has artistic and flowery details on it. Moreover, everything at the event has botanical-inspired details on it.

Beachy Wedding Theme

The beachy wedding is a very trending and timeless wedding theme that most couples follow. The bride wears a breezy and off-shoulder wedding dress to fit this theme. A loose left-down hairstyle is perfect for the bride in this type of wedding.

An open setup near the beach adds to the aesthetic appeal of a beachy event. There are certain floral details that the place entails, with pastel hues scattered in the decoration of such events.

Modernized Wedding

The modern wedding never fails to disappoint modern couples. These weddings are preferred by many due to their minimalistic approach when it comes to the dresses of the bride and groom as well as the decoration. The chairs and setup used in a wedding are also very simple.

They have a simple backdrop and simple decoration and stationery. Moreover, the color scheme followed at this type of wedding is monochromatic, in which one color is used in abundance with traces of other colors here and there. This wedding theme also has greenery in it scattered throughout the decoration.

Rustic Wedding Theme

The rustic wedding theme has a very natural and earthy feel to it. Couples who want to add an emotional touch to their weddings often follow this theme. The decoration is mismatched with mason jars and different vases. Natural elements and handmade items are added to this type of wedding to improve the aesthetic appeal of these weddings.

The dress code is close to natural style and has wood elements in the decoration and venue of the wedding. The whole atmosphere has an antique flavor to it. Even bouquets used in such weddings are hand-tied.

Go With Destination Wedding

Destination weddings cost no less than a fortune, all for good reasons. Many people go to their dream destination to get married. Such weddings are heavy on the pocket not only because of the money spent on the arrangements of the big day but also because the couple also supports the transport of the guests. Say you are having a dream wedding in Paris; you will have to sponsor the air tickets of all your relatives who reside in your home country.

The most common locations for such destination weddings are Paris, Rome, Italy, Maldives, or any other island usually preferred by filthy rich couples. The theme for each destination wedding depends on the vibe of the destination. It can vary from a classic traditional wedding to a royal-style wedding to a beachy one in the Maldives. Such weddings usually last no less than a week, and the stay of the guests is also financially supported by the couple.

Vintage Style Wedding

The vintage style wedding is the one that gives the 20s and 40s vibe. The Victorian era is the main highlight of this theme. The cookie jars, mason jars, bouquets, and letters all have an antique vibe to them. There are loose bunches of flowers scattered everywhere to give a vintage feel.

The dress theme is also kept relevant to the 20s and 40s. The traditional wedding gowns with vintage embellishments and big flares define the dress code of this wedding theme.