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Herbal treatments have been used since mankind began to realize the need for treatment of wounds to help with the aid of recovery from certain wounds, health issues, and ailments that afflict the human body. Today it is projected that the global herbal health market will be worth over four hundred billion dollars by 2025 and set to rise. Modern society has become very reliant on pharmaceutical drugs and medicine but people are starting to look back and turn to alternative medicine which is generally viewed as being more healthy and equally efficient as modern treatments.

One of the herbal treatments that are widely used today is mimosa hostilis root bark which is native to the northeastern region of Brazil and southern Mexico. Mimosa is proven to be an excellent treatment for skin afflictions, helping to restore skiing and reduces the look of aging. Having a natural anti-infective compound is an ideal treatment for burn victims. In 1984 a huge and devastating gas explosion occurred in Mexico City killing over 500 and wounding 5000 mostly due to burns, the local and state authorities used mimosa hostilis root bark to treat their wounds. It was so effective that 1 year later when an earthquake struck causing fires throughout the city mimosa was used again to treat the victims.

Using Mimosa to Help Reduce the Skin’s Aging Process

Mimosa hostilis has been known as anti-aging for a long time throughout the Americas but is now widely recognized throughout the world as an effective skin treatment helping to slow down and prevent aging of the skin. By tightening the skin and giving a healthy glow to the areas you feel are needed, mimosa helps to repair and regenerate skin cells that have been damaged due to exposure to the sun for example.

Xylose, a compound within mimosa attracts water and helps to moisture the skin, and helps to prevent aging of the skin. Antioxidants and flavonoids that are contained in mimosa help to fight and guard against free radicals that cause skin damage if left untreated, nothing can stop aging completely but mimosa can help repair and slow down the process.

Mimosa is a Fantastic Herbal Product for Your Hair

Mimosa also has great properties for your hair helping to maintain keeping it clean and healthy. These properties strengthen hair giving it a healthy natural shine and helps the scalp giving strength to weak and damaged hair it can help to rejuvenate hair for a healthy balanced look. Mimosa also helps to reduce hair loss and help stimulate hair growth.

Rich in B12 vitamins and sulfur it gives strength to thin hairs providing your hair with vital nutrients that are needed for maintaining healthy and regenerative hair growth. Tannins and bioflavonoids are also present and will help to maintain your hair much better than chemical products that are found in shops and online stores. Many people are switching back to natural products for their health, with scientific research backing up the claims of manufacturers and being a more healthy option for the environment over the chemicals we apply to our hair today. Maybe it is time to consider nature’s gift to help our hair.

Using Mimosa to Help With Burns, Ulcers, and Reduce Bleeding

Mimosa has been used to help with the reduction of bleeding after an accident or surgery for centuries, South American and Central American tribes learned of the powerful healing properties and applied mimosa for treating wounds incurred during battle or hunting expeditions helping to control and stop bleeding. Natural antioxidants and tannins found in mimosa helped the blood to coagulate and prevent blood loss.

Mimosa has several other medical purposes due to its analgesic properties which means it is a natural painkiller, used to treat medium to severe burns victims with excellent results in helping pain management and the healing process that people have endured. Applied by using creams or powders mimosa is a very popular herbal medicine to help relieve symptoms of ulcers as well as burns. Mimosa is also used to help with dental health, toothaches, and abscess pain can be alleviated by applying mimosa to infected areas giving relief.

Why is Mimosa Hostilis Not Used More to Treat Patients?

Mimosa hostilis is a fantastic healing agent but yet some countries have not embraced its use due to legal constraints. DMT is a derivative of mimosa and in many countries is considered by law to be a controlled substance, meaning it is a legal grey area in western counties including:

  • France has a total ban on any DMT products.
  • The Netherlands is more relaxed and mimosa products are freely available but extracting DMT is illegal.
  • The United Kingdom has similar laws to the Dutch, mimosa products are available but powdered bark and DMT are banned.
  • The United States Mimosa hostilis is not on the controlled substance list but DMT is classed as a schedule 1 substance and carries fines and even incarceration for its possession or dealing.
  • Germany has very similar laws to its European counterparts, DMT extraction is illegal but mimosa hostilis products are widely available to purchase.

DMT or also known as N-dimethyltryptamine is a psychedelic compound found in many herbs and plants and has been used for thousands of years in tribal rituals and later years by people wishing to experiment with psychotropic drugs.

Mimosa Hostilis Can Help With Many Health Issues

Different parts of the plant are used for various purposes in medicines, infusing in water helps to alleviate coughs and even symptoms of bronchitis. Making tea with Mimosa and consumed can help smokers quit and ease pain patients may be suffering from an injury or postoperative discomfort. Helping to reduce indigestion by acting as a natural antacid the juice derived from the leaves will help relieve the sufferer.

Mimosa hostilis products also are excellent for helping to clean your gut and intestines, it forms a kind of gel when taken and helps to remove toxins and bacteria from your digestive tract. Another benefit that can be achieved by using Mimosa is that your mental health can improve, by removing harmful bacteria from your gut and cleansing your body it gives you a cleaner and healthy state of mind. The Mimosa Company specializes in these products and their site is worth a visit for more advice and further information on the health benefits of Mimosa hostilis.


With so many health benefits Mimosa hostilis is once again being embraced by many in the medical community as an alternative to modern medicine. Whilst many people are skeptical of herbal medicine and view it in a negative light Mimosa hostilis has proven itself for thousands of years as a potential cure and proactive herbal medicine that does work when used appropriately on patients.

The people that suffered terrible burn injuries in Mexico City will certainly attest to the benefits they received from the medical workers who treated their injuries and the health workers also. With most countries now embracing alternative medicine as a legitimate source of patient relief, the industry is flourishing, and deservedly so, sometimes we have to look back to the past in medicine and not just rely on the new and often more expensive medicines that are often prescribed to us today.