Bodybuilding is an art that has grown since time immemorial. More and more people are starting to appreciate it and are joining in the art that doubles up as a sport. If you are beginning or you are already in the game, some shows can help you master and improve skills. You can watch TV shows online and witness what the stars in the field of bodybuilding can teach you. The best part is that TV shows are available even on websites as opposed to normal TV viewing.

Before looking at the best TV shows for bodybuilding lovers, consider looking at the source, especially for online fans. Not many people watch TV nowadays and thus limiting them to that single source isn’t fair. Thanks to technology, you can watch the shows online through spaces such as MSN, where you will get the hottest and most popular shows to stream and watch. Now let’s look at the best bodybuilding shows of all time.

Pumping iron

Even from the name alone, you will appreciate the art of bodybuilding. The show has its main star as Arnold Schwarzenegger alongside several other actors such as Lou, Matty, and Victoria Ferrigno. The show commences from gold’s gym in Venice Beach, California and goes up to Pretoria. The theme is all about pros and experts in the field of bodybuilding preparing for the 1975 Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia competitions that take place from time to time. In this show, you will witness fun and action with a spice of muscles all over. It is intriguing and will have you glued to the screen checking out all the moves and skills that are being put to action. For a bodybuilder, this is the show to watch any day, any time. Even though this show was released in 1977, it still leads when it comes to popularity and viewership, thus making it a legend when compared to other bodybuilding shows.

Generation Iron

Are you a fan of Mr. Olympia competition that takes place regularly? Then this show would interest you so much as it features pros who take part in the game. It portrays the training experience of the top bodybuilders as they work to prepare for the competitions. This is shown in what we can term as a documentary-kind of show. You will witness sweat, fatigue, and determination all in one show that will motivate you as a bodybuilder to work harder in the game. Maybe it might just show you the way to joining Mr. Olympia competitions. The show was released in 2013 and has since gained a lot of viewership.

Bigger stronger faster

Released in 2008, the show is a sports documentary that focuses on two siblings who are after their dreams to be the best in the world. The central theme of the show is the idea of how performance-enhancing drugs are affecting bodybuilding, hence the title more significant, stronger, faster. It is an analysis of how the culture of Americans is regarding winning at all costs.

Too big for the world

A more recent bodybuilding show is this one, which was released in 2016. It is a documentary that is centered on the girl child and how their determinations to grow in the bodybuilding niche are often masked. The main character in the show is a lady that goes by the name Irene, who is a 50-year old mother of three children. Irene in the exhibit has a dream to emerge as the biggest bodybuilder in the universe, even as the most prominent competitions that focus on this niche are beginning to remove women from the game. This is an excellent documentary to watch if you are a lady who is working out and it will encourage you to do more. It will shift your mind from the norm and re-focus it to the more significant things that you can achieve.

Pain and gain

This is an intriguing action and comedy show that was released in 2013, which featured some of the best in the world including Dwayne Johnson. The storyline centers on three bodybuilders who are based in Florida that get entangled in a ring of extortion and kidnapping that doesn’t end too well for them. It is fun and exciting to watch as Dwayne Johnson battles out in his usual comical manner. With this show, you can kill two birds with one stone. Crack a rib and gain some muscle both at the same damn time.

Jay Cutler all access

This is a documentary released in 2009 that talks volumes about Jay Cutler, an IFFB professional. Here you will see his journey to grace in the Mr. Olympia competitions that took place in 2008. His greatest achievement of ejecting the legendary Ronnie Coleman in 2006 is also outlined as he won the title. This is a show that will give you a glimpse of what it feels to work tirelessly in bodybuilding and win the title. You can pick one or two things here that will help you in bodybuilding.

Evolution of bodybuilding

Judging from the name, this 2012 documentary shows the changes that bodybuilding has taken ever since it started back in the days. In the show, you will witness real statements from the legends about what it took for them to succeed and the heartbreaks they encountered during their career. The show gives you a glimpse of what it is needed for you to take part in the Mr. Olympia competitions.

The good fight

Although not necessarily bodybuilding, you can learn a few things from this breathtaking action show. The good fight depicts the exhaustion of the current culture which is chaotic.

Stand tall

Another excellent documentary about a bodybuilder is this one here. It features the famous Lou Ferrigno on his journey to success. It is a depiction of steps he took to get to Mr. Olympia 19 years after getting out of the competitive sport. Here you can get straight on advice on how to better your skills and expertise towards your goals.