Spending winter in Japan? Don’t get bored staying at home all day. There are plenty of activities and sports to enjoy the snow. You just have to be careful when choosing the location because not all places in Japan are busy during winter. Tokyo and Niigata won’t disappoint, but there are other fun places offering winter activities to make your stay in Japan fun despite the chilly weather. Many travelers flock these locations during December and February to enjoy activities such as snowshoeing, skiing, and skating, among others.


Snowshoeing is increasingly becoming a popular activity in Japan, with more and more visitors flocking the place during winter to take part. Snowshoeing is one of the most popular sporting activities in Japan, incorporating everybody from men, women, to children. Several places are offering the best snowshoeing activities, and you can trek through the magnificent mountains, and have a view of the beautiful snow-filled terrains as well as the indigenous Japanese culture. Special snowshoes for hiking during winter gives you the satisfying feeling of having to walk on powdery snow without sinking. This is the best activity for those who want to get outdoors during the coldest months and keep fit throughout winter.

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This is another incredible sporting activity that will keep you outdoors having fun and not experiencing the piercing cold effects of winter. Japan is placed with so many ski slopes making it difficult for visitors to choose the exact place to visit for this fun activity. If you can’t seem to make a suitable choice, consider other activities in the area such as relaxing on hot spring after a busy skiing day and visiting the places that have top-quality snow. Japan is best known for its incredible powder snow, which is light and dry. This snow provides unbelievable skiing activities for those who love to take a ski ride.

Ice Skating

Gliding in the ice is very entertaining, and Japan ensures you get that and more. You can also take part in Olympic skating events such as fast-paced speed skating and figure skating with spins and jumps. Tokyo is known as the best destination in Japan for all skating enthusiasts. Tokyo Midtown, Akasaka Sacas, and Tokyo Skytree are the best skating places you shouldn’t miss if you want to carry home good ice skating memories. It doesn’t matter whether you love your skating at night or daytime because you can enjoy both as you wish. Don’t worry if you’re an amateur because you will also meet amazing trainers ready to help you master the art of this popular sport.

Japan is indeed a country rich in culture, activities, and mouth-watering treats. It is accessible all year round, and you can enjoy outdoor activities at any time of the year. It’s not only about sports or staying outdoors in Japan as you still have plenty of activities to choose from and have fun with your entire family. Other activities to see and participate in include snow monkeys, winter illuminations, dips in hot springs, and of course, several winter sports not mentioned here.