It isn’t a beauty contest nor an ignorant and shallow statement but your appearance matters in the workplace. For a number of reasons, the way you look, act, smell all combine to have an influence on those around you. It matters not if you are in a position of power or not.

Having pride in your appearance when you are at work should ot be negotiable. It can have huge knock-on effects even if you are unaware of them. You can be inadvertently impressing someone that is considering you for a promotion or on the flip side, the way you dress or your personal hygiene could be used against you if you are up against an evenly matched colleague.

Image Is Everything

Whether you like it or not, the professional life you lead can sometimes be in the hands of how you appear and how others perceive you. It can have an impact on the way your employers treat you and how clients rate your abilities, actual skill level is immaterial on occasion.

Paying attention to your appearance can benefit your career no end and should be an immediate focus and priority for everyone, even in the instance where your organization does not have an established policy on dress code. We are not suggesting you empty your wallet to get a designer tie, spend your entire salary on a new wardrobe or use your savings up on the latest beard growth products but take some pride in your appearance and you will reap the benefits.

Professional Look

A lot of this is down to respect. Respect for your colleagues, your boss, your clients and customers, your company and most importantly yourself. Without the self-respect to show enough discipline and attitude to wash, dress and sustain an admirable look in any workplace you have no right to expect any respect yourself from others. You should aspire to lead by example with personal hygiene and follow any set-dress-code as a bare minimum.

Your appearance can be as powerfully positive and influential in your career or as damaging to your personal and company image as you allow it to be. Having a professional attitude isn’t always about maintaining composure under pressure and saying the right thighs under difficult circumstances. Sometimes it can be as simple as ironing your shirt, cleaning your shoes and having a shave. If you don’t have the drive to do these minimalistic tasks how will you ever accomplish anything significant in a work capacity?

Final Thoughts

Can you imagine getting any resale business from a client who has just had the displeasure of a meeting with you wearing the same suit you’ve had on for a fortnight, the odour of 3-day old socks, an unbuttoned collar with a loose tie, unbrushed hair and breath like sewage water? Yes this might be an extreme example but it is a general overview of some of the components that may need addressing at work, in your team and maybe even in the mirror. These vital elements combined provide a highly influential portrait of how a customer or client views you. Do not neglect them or you will regret it.