Certification exams are like foundational stones, giving you access to the fascinating sector of information and computer technology. And if you want a ticket to the ever-evolving IT industry, then getting a Cisco certification is always a favorite choice.

CCNP Security, for instance, is one of the many credentials offered by Cisco. This professional-level certification outlines your in-depth security proficiency about topics related to routers, switches, appliances, and network devices. To gain this credential, you need to pass four exams, which include 300-208, 300-206, 300-209, and 300-210. This article is dedicated to 300-210 test. So, let’s discuss thoroughly how you can clinch exam 300-210 through the list of references below.

The New Exam 300-210 and its topics

But before anything else, make sure to fully grasp the exam and its corresponding topics. This certification exam features Cisco Advanced Malware Protection and Cisco FirePower Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System. With the exclusion of older technologies like Firewall CX and Intrusion-prevention system, applicants who take this exam, particularly network security engineers, are given the opportunity to acquire a deeper understanding about content security, context-aware firewall modules, network threat defense, security architecture, and firewall architecture. Other related topics may also be included in the exam, so you need to be a wide reader and study comprehensively.

CCNP Security CITCS Exam: 300-210 Complete Study Guide

First things first, get your hands on the study guide designed for exam 300-210. This will give you a detailed breakdown of the topics as well as other associated information. By reading this book, you’ll be able to learn more about Cisco security features, including NGFW, AMP, FirePower NGIPS, and the like.

Cisco Press Books

Also on the top list are valuable books from the certification provider itself. Gather these Cisco books – Cisco Firepower Threat Defense (FTD), Integrated Security Technologies and Solutions (Vol 1), and Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) Training Videos. All these references are crafted so that you’ll systematically learn about network security and solutions and further pass the certification exam.

Online Training Courses

Notwithstanding the importance of books, online training courses are also in-demand because they make your exam preparation easier. Offered by the Cisco Learning Network Store, the Implementing Cisco Threat Control Solutions (SITCS) v1.5 is a self-paced online course can be accessed for up to 365 days. This means you have an entire year to utilize the resource to your advantage. Through this virtual reference, you will mug up more knowledge about the exam in an interactive interface. It features course contents, content review questions, and graded tests to ensure training effectiveness and boost better performance. So, even if you are not in a classroom setting, you still gain knowledge and practical experience through your device.

Cisco Instructor Led-class

Instructor-led class is a great way for those who want to learn in person – literally. It’s the same as most online training courses, except that you are inside a four-walled site. Since you are in a classroom setup, then there’s a two-way communication, which is also important if you want to verify something not just from your instructor but also from your colleagues. Aside from gaining practical experience, this will also help you create a connection from people who are on the same professional radar as yours.

Hands-on Lab Environments

The best way to determine your skills is by using hands-on lab environments. Through there practical demonstrations, you are more than ready to ace exam 300-210. Cisco offers two significant options – Cisco Virtual Internet Routing Lab Personal Edition and Cisco Modeling labs. Both are recommended for those who have prior knowledge about the CCNA Security Certification. Using these two Cisco hands-on labs will not just prepare you for the exam but also the world beyond those exam walls. Here, you can use authentic Cisco network operating systems to build models, configure networks, integrate third-party servers, and the like. By knowing all of these ahead of time, it would be easier for you to take the exam.

CCNP Security SITCS Exam: 300-210 Quick Reference Guide: Exams Cheat Sheet

Another important piece of training you need to acquire is this step-by-step reference guide for exam 300-210. It is suitable for those who are already on the reviewing stage. Featuring compact notes from the workbooks, it will help you recollect all the important security and technology concepts in a much precise manner. This particular cheat sheet is a handy reference material you can utilize anytime, everywhere. Thus, for students and professionals who are about to partake the exam journey, this is very helpful.


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Open your door to success and start planning for your future with the CCNP Security Exam 300-210. After passing this one and other related certification exams, you’ll obtain the CCNP Security certification and become closer to your dream IT position. To pass the certification exams, use the materials provided in this article and remember to check PrepAway website with the most valid and updated exam dumps. Wish you luck!