Although most airlines have tossed the concept of international first class, Korean Air seems to be among the remnants. Many of their planes still have a high class, and they still embrace the idea to the letter. However, beginning June 1, 2019, Korean Air has announced that they will eliminate first class on a total of 27 international routes.  This means that only 35 out of their 111 routes will still have first class. The rest (76 routes) will only have an economy and business class.

According to the airline, the change was necessary following a less demand for first class tickets. In addition, it will enhance efficiency and increase profitability. If the idea of having an enclosed suite, better food, more legroom, and wider space makes you dance in delight, you might benefit from knowing 7 destinations you can still fly first class on Korean Air after June 2019.


China’s pulsating capital certainly made the cut as one of the Korean international routes with first-class seating. It is easy to see why: with all the abundant restaurants, imperial history, leafy parks and a myriad of other fun things, Beijing admittedly attracts plenty of tourists every year. China’s booming economy also has a hand in this decision by the airline. It is a powerful magnet for the wealthy business people who don’t mind paying more for a palatial first class seat.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Japan will also still fly first class on Korean Air. We have a hunch that this move by Korean Air came because most Japanese citizens just love to fly in comfort because well, they have the money to pay for it. If you plan on taking a trip to Hong Kong after June 2019, you are definitely in for a treat.


The breathtaking Asian country of Singapore is also among the destinations you can fly first class on Korean Air. Whether you want to go on vacation or gawk at the clean streets and wonderful people of Singapore, better watch out for Korean Air promotions and grab your first class seat before Singapore is removed from the list, too.


This one just had to appear somewhere on this list. Else, how does Korean Air expect honeymooners and lovers in general to fly business or worse, economy? That would be a terrible injustice to tourists all over the world, we think. If Bangkok’s lively night scene or its jaw-dropping beaches call on you in the second half of this year, rest easy knowing you can fly like a king or queen via Korean Air’s first class cabin.

Us destinations

British Airlines might have been locked out of Korean Air’s first class destinations list, but the US of A certainly hasn’t. If you have money and love Korean Air, you can fly to most US destinations without having to bear limited space, bad food and being in close proximity to lavatories. The World’s super-power seems to demand respect from Asia and beyond and they certainly get it, every time.


If you love or live in the Philippines, you can do your dance already as Korean Air seems to have kept Manilla on their conservative list of international first class routes. If you have never been to Manilla, you don’t know what you are missing. The city is all things adventurous and inviting- friendly crowds, rich culture, plenty of magnificent natural features, leading colleges, and more. If you are looking for an excuse to fly first class to a great destination, Manilla should be top on your list.


Hanoi is a pure paradise located right on the banks of the Red River. It is a hub of many tourist attractions including its spectacular ancient capitals full of colonial buildings, unique museums, and ancient pagodas. Hanoi is also famous for being home to delectable cuisines, highly talented handicraft and silk artists, a vibrant nightlife, and an interesting multicultural community. Who knows, these could be reasons why Korean Air has chosen to maintain Hanoi as a first class route.

Korean Air is one of the largest airlines in Asia which is why when they make such changes, it affects the rest of the world. Even with the elimination of first-class seating on many routes, rest easy knowing flying business is an equally luxurious experience on the airline.