“Feel Good To Die” KBS2 (Image source: Hancinema.net)


Baek Jin Sang is a terrible boss, bad, arrogant and unfair, he always believes he is right, he works as the leader of the marketing team in “MW Chicken” company, where all the members of his team, cannot bear with him at all, so much that sometimes they would like him to die. On the night of November 7, Lee Roo Da, a member of his team, dreams of Baek Jin Sang being run over by a truck. The next morning, after this strange dream, she wakes up and discovers that it is still November 7 and that she is trapped in a time loop, where the death of her terrible boss is the element that cannot fail.


“Feel Good To Die” KBS2 (Image source: Hancinema.net)

Kang Ji Hwan as Baek Jin Sang

He is the head of the marketing team of the “MW Chicken” company, he believes that all the employees in his charge are useless and incompetent, however, they can do all their functions because they are led by him. He is an efficient man in his work, intelligent, extremely strict and crudely outspoken, he is governed by rigid principles and lives to fulfill them. He is also known as “the truth in the truth” and “the number one in the company”.

“Feel Good To Die” KBS2 (Image source: Hancinema.net)

Baek Jin Hee as Lee Roo Da

Lee Roo Da works hard to keep her job, therefore she tolerates and obliges herself to obey her boss Baek Jin Sang, yet, in her insides, she feels a deep hatred towards him. She sees life with little interest, but as she falls into the time loop, she stars to see far beyond it and notices that she is not the only person in the world who has bad days. she desires justice and appreciation for herself and fellow workers.

“Feel Good To Die” KBS2 (Image source: Hancinema.net)

Gong Myung as Kang Joon Ho

He is from the development team, it could be said that he is the opposite of Chief Baek Jin Sang, a man who puts his employee’s welfare before his own, he went as far as to give his back as a ladder to get them out of a broken elevator, this is why he is very appreciated and quite popular. A relaxed, nice, charismatic and a down to earth man. His grandfather is the owner of the company and wishes for him to learn how to run it beside him, but it was Kang Joon Ho decision to have a low profile job inside the company for a year. He has shown interest in Lee Roo Da, even though he thought that love was not something essential in his life.

“Feel Good To Die” KBS2 (Image source: Hancinema.net)

Ryu Hyun Kyung as Choi Min Joo

She is a member of the marketing team, she has many things to do: being a mother of a child while waiting for another one and working in the company, she lives a very stressful and frustrating life, not only because she spends more time nauseated by pregnancy, and caring for her children, but also because her boss Baek Jin Sang makes her life impossible. Choi Min Joo sees Lee Roo Da as an ally and friend.

“Feel Good To Die” KBS2 (Image source: Hancinema.net)

Park Sol Mi as Yoo Si Baek

Head of the Strategic Planning Division, her goal is to become CEO of “MW Chicken”. She loves to read all the best selling books when she travels.

About the Drama

“Feel Good To Die” is based in the webcomic “Jookeodo Joa” by Goldkiwisae. Is the drama of Wednesday and Thursday’s night of the KBS2 network. This drama combines romance, the business world and fantasy. its acceptance in the audience was good for the first two episodes in the always competitive and hard world of K-Drama.

The drama focuses on the “horrible boss” Baek Jin Sang (Kang Ji Hwan) and the temperamental and frank assistant, Lee Roo Da (Baek Jin Hee), who tries by all means to transform him into a good person, as she determines that the terrible personality of her boss, which causes intense hostility of everyone around him, is the reason for his almost certain death.
Lee Roo Da, has constant dreams of revenge towards her superiors, for the unfair treatment they give to their employees. Although this woman’s life is normal and unimportant, unexpected obstacles appear in her daily life when she is trapped in a time loop and the same day of November 7 is repeated every day for unknown reasons. However Lee Roo Da as the days go by discovers that the problem is not her, but Baek Jin Sang and that in order to avoid his continued death and live her normal life she has to ally with Baek Jin Sang and make him a better person.

“Feel Good To Die” generated great expectation because the webtoon of the same title was popular among Internet users and won the “Today’s Cartoon” prize in the 2015. It also has elements that make it very entertaining such as the fun and crazy fights between the two main characters, the adressing of the concerns and strugles of the office workers in the company that  causes sympathy among viewers, and what will soon be a romance between the main protagonists that we can not miss.

Personally I didn’t expect much from this drama… until I saw it and loved it, I have high expectations for the development of the plot and characters, for now, I love the protagonists and their chemistry, yet, their hatred is so real, and the character of Baek Jin Sang is so close-minded and obtuse that I can’t wait to see how exactly will Kang Ji Hwan fall in love with Lee Roo Da and resolve the issue (and perhaps the cause) of the loop in time. The drama just started and will have a total of 32 episodes, hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as I am doing.