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Do you find yourself bored when using your smartphone? Smartphones have become a massive part of daily life, and most people use their phones constantly throughout the day, but many people also find themselves bored when using their smartphones. People tend to get into a habit of checking their messages and emails, scrolling on social media, and checking the news, but there is so much more that you could be doing with a smartphone than this. You have the world at your fingers with a smartphone, and this post will offer a few fun activities to try that should help to stave off boredom.

Learn A New Language

One of the best ways to use a smartphone when you are bored is to learn a new language. There are many highly rated language learning apps that can make learning a new language both easy and fun. Learning a new language is a very rewarding things that you can do in life and could improve your life in a few ways, especially if you learn the language of a country that you are planning on visiting in the future.

Listen To Podcasts

Another great use of time when you are bored is to listen to podcasts. The wonderful thing about podcasts is that there are podcasts covering all topics, so it is never too hard to find one that takes your interest. This could be a self-improvement podcast, fiction series, business podcast, film and TV podcast, sports podcast, or any other type. This also means that podcasts can be used as a form of entertainment but also to learn and improve all areas of your life.

Esports Betting

Esports continues to rise in popularity, and mobile esports is a growing trend in the industry. If you are bored, you should find esports betting to be hugely entertaining, and there are all kinds of great games to bet on, including Call of Duty as, one of the most popular and for a good reason. You can click here to bet on Call of Duty with crypto, and this will certainly be a fun way to pass the time.


Photography is a fantastic hobby to start that will allow you to express your creativity, plus it is also a creative hobby that you do not need any preexisting skills to start. Everyone has a high quality in their pocket with a smartphone, and this is a great way to keep yourself entertained while cementing memories and experiences in your life. Everyone can get started with photography, but there is also a lot to learn, and it can be a rewarding process to learn how to take better photographs.

These are just a few activities that you can do with your smartphone that should keep you entertained. If you get into a cycle of checking your texts and emails and scrolling on social media, you might want to try the above activities to prevent boredom and have some fun.