There is no denying that Asia is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. This is especially true when it comes to gaming. Just look at the developers and programmers that are coming out of the country. Heck, most of the games and gaming systems are created and developed in this part of the world. This not only gives Asian fans quick and direct access to premium video games, but it gives them access to the individuals that made them. That being said, there still might be a ton of games that are slated to be released during the remainder of 2019, but the following video games just can’t stop the Asian game culture from buzzing. The following are games that no one wants to miss in 2020.

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Gods & Monsters

Most Asians have at least tried and love the Assassin Creed series. There is simply no denying that the game to the action to a new level and coupled it with cinematic views that were hard to beat. Well, those fans that loved Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will probably also love Gods & Monsters because it is going to be created by the same developers. However, when you see the trailer for the game, you will probably think right away that the game is too similar. After all, it has a fantasy setting coupled with cartoon-esque aesthetics.

It is easy to understand why many would make the comparison, but there is a reason for this. Given that AC Odyssey was set during the Ancient Greece area, the developers felt the need to include some of the famed myth that goes along with the game and time period. That being said, the games should by no means be seen as equals because Assassin’s Creed focuses more on contract and hidden blades, whereas Gods & Monsters will actually focus on gods and monsters.

Marvel’s Avengers

No one can deny that Marvel hasn’t done amazing things for the box office. Just look at some of their latest releases. It seems like every time they release a new movie it breaks some kind of box office records. Well, this is understandable because the movies are more than entertaining. And, their new game is set to be just as exciting, thrilling, and entertaining. There have been some recent releases and teaser, but Asian fans seem none too pleased with what they are getting.

However, one should not give up hope on the game just yet because there is still a lot left for the developers to do. They are not only going to add an all-star cast of voices, but it is said that the gameplay will be on another level. Right now the characters and costumes might not be that impressive, but there certainly are plenty of reasons to be optimistic and hold out hope. Just be sure not to get too caught up in the game because there is still plenty of real money that can be made at online gambling sites like

Dying Light 2

Asian fans were more than surprised with the first Dying Light. Heck, it is safe to say that most of the nation was shocked by the game. The original came out during a time when zombie games were overplayed and outdated. Dying light changed all that by giving the character unique, awesome parkour mechanics. And, if there is one thing that Asians love it is parkour. This strange combination worked for the genre, and this is exactly why the second release is set to follow the same path.

Of course, there will be new features coupled with larger scales and more interesting elements. Another thing that Asians are really going to love about the game is the way that the character’s decisions shape the city. Choosing which NPCs to kill and not to kill will have a dramatic impact on the overall outcome of the game.

Halo: Infinite

Anytime Asian hear anything new about Halo, they are going to get excited. And, they rightly should. After all, this is and has been one of the greatest games to ever grace a console. You combine this with the fact that the new game will be taking an open game approach, and you are truly looking at a game where the possibilities for greatness are unlimited.