athree23 (CC0), Pixabay

If you are using apps and websites these days to score dates or encounters, you are not alone. In fact, this is probably why you are using these sites in the first place. There are literally millions on top of millions of people using such online tools. Of course, some people might be using them to make long-term meaningful connections. Some people might be using them to get laid. And, some people might just be using them because they are bored with their current relationship. Despite the tools available today and the reach of these tools, you might be surprised to learn that most people are still striking out.

Take Better Care Of Yourself

Whether or not you are looking for something long-term or just a short-term hookup, if you want to be successful, you are going to need to take better care of yourself. As superficial as it might sound, people do care about looks. And, looks are one of the main traits that people will have to judge you by. Would you want to go out with you the way you currently look? This doesn’t mean that you have to get in the gym every day and be a hard body, but you need to at least look like you care about the way you look. One of the easiest ways to start is by consuming more water.

No doubt those Mt. Dews are delicious and refreshing, but they are packed with sugar and sodium. These are just two of the things that are likely causing you to pack on the pounds. It’ll be hard at first, but consuming at least 8 tall glasses of water a day will do more than jumpstart your metabolism. It’ll lead you to a healthier lifestyle.

Be Realistic With Your Goals

What are you really looking for out of online dating tools and apps? Are you really looking for something long-term? Maybe you are just looking for a hookup. There is nothing wrong with either, but you need to know and identify what you want. This will actually make it easier to be successful because there are specific sites tailor-made for certain activities. When you join these sites, you’ll be exposed to more like-minded individuals. Like-minded individuals that’ll have the same goals in mind.

This will also help you be a bit more exclusive with the information that you put out there. The only problem is that some people are just not sure what they want. And, that’s okay! You can likely discover what you are looking for by asking yourself a few simple questions. Do you have a time-sensitive event that you are trying to score a date to? Are you looking for someone or something right now? Do you want to date as many women as possible? Whatever you are looking for, there is likely someone out there looking for the exact same.

Whether you’re watching 8K VR porn or looking for dates on social media, you have to be realistic with yourself.

Good Photos Are A Must

It doesn’t matter who you talk to or what type of form you read, you are always going to see an emphasis placed on profile photos. And, this is because it is one of the only ways that people have to identify with you. Like it or not, people in the online dating world are going to judge you based on your looks. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be the best looking ham sandwich in a hungry town. No, you just need to look presentable. Guys put those shirts back on! Girls, get out in front of those mirrors because priming and preening aren’t nearly as important as having a well put together photo.

Some key tips to getting the right photo are, believe it or not, timing. First, cut that flash off. Flash is just another useless feature that’ll actually make you appear older than you are. As far as timing goes, you’ll want to snap that photo at what many like to call the golden hour. This is the time right around sunset. Why is this time so important? Snapping your photos at this time creates a soft flow from the natural light. Everyone from artists to everyday average individuals loves this kind of lighting in photos, and so will those guys and gals on those dating sites. It’ll drive ’em wild!