The rising prices of new cars have forced the consumers to turn towards used cars, pre-owned cars have seen a steady rise in their demand during recent times. Consumers are now out there looking for used cars, that are in better shape and condition and do not cost a fortune to buy & maintain.

The price of a used car varies depending upon its condition, model, and its running cost. Nearly every car depreciates in its value, its value tends to increase over the passage of time only in rare cases when a car was produced in limited numbers. The depreciation depends on a number of factors including the car brand, its model, mileage, and condition.

In order to make your used car more appealing and to sell it at a better price, you need to take some necessary precautions. These precautions make sure that your car is mechanically sound and looks good from the inside and outside. Furthermore, you won’t be visiting a mechanic or a dealership frequently if necessary, care has been taken of.

With the incorporation of the computers and electronics in vehicles, people can now easily scan the data of your car to look for any abnormalities while buying, buyers can generally judge the condition of your car or they sometimes bring along a mechanic who will check the car for them, so there are slim chances of you managing to hide any fault in your car.

Here I will share some tips and advice that you need to follow if you want your used car to be appealing and have a better resale value.

Choosing the right car:

A car’s value depends upon its brand and its model, a car notorious for consumer complaints and quality issues will obviously have a very low resale value and there is not much that you can do to make it more appealing or to enhance its resale value. So the first step that you need to take is to make sure that you are choosing the right brand and model, doing this does not mean that you have to ignore your requirements for which you are in the market. Do some research before buying any vehicle, a little bit of research will save you from repenting your decision in the future.

Japanese cars such as Honda City as a whole tend to have more resale value in the long run compared to German or any other cars. If you can afford a luxury car, try to lease it, in this way you won’t have to worry about spending an extravagant amount on car repair and you’ll able to sell it in a good condition after owning it for a short period of time and it’ll somewhat retain its resale value.

Following the Owner’s manual:

Every car comes with an owner manual and all the periodic services that need to be done are mentioned on it. Most car manufacturers recommend changing engine oil at 5000km, and it is vital to change the oil regularly. Oil is cheap, engines are expensive, so make sure you are changing it at regular intervals. Apart from engine oil, air filter and cabin air filter are often neglected in regular’s maintenance, make sure to check them once in a while, and if dirty or clogged replace them immediately.

Choosing the right tires:

A picture containing sitting, car, side, personDescription automatically generated Tires are often not given the due attention they deserve. Every car comes with its recommended tire size and if you have purchased a used car and you’re not sure whether the tires installed on it are according to the manufacturer’s recommendation, then open the driver’s door, and there you will see a small sticker with recommended tire size and tire pressure.

Make sure to follow that size and pressure, tyres absorb most of the bumps and provide you with the necessary grip. NEVER use refurbished tires, they are prone to accidents. Along with tires, try to stick with original rims or wheel caps, or use quality rims if you have to, aftermarket rims can wreak havoc on your car’s suspension as well as fuel economy, which in turn will reduce your car’s resale value.

Tires play a crucial role in daily driving

A picture containing colorful, water, person, sittingDescription automatically generatedKeep it clean:

Avoid using these automatic car washers

A close up of a handDescription automatically generated This may sound obvious, but keeping your car clean both from inside and outside will make it more appealing as well as enhance its resale value. Avoid using those automatic car washers, they scratch the top layer of your car paint and it will cost you a small fortune to get it redone.

Try to wax your car once in a while, it protects the clear coat from harmful sun rays and bird poop. Only use car cleaning foam to wash it, they are specifically made for cars. Use interior cleaners and vacuum the interior and trunk if gets dirty. Try to clean your engine bay with a damp cloth, avoid using pressure washers, if you want to use a pressure washer or a hose, cover the sensitive electronic parts and intakes. Immediately clean the bird poop, its acidic in nature and can easily corrode the paint layers.

Use only microfiber or a woolen cloth to clean your car

Tips for winters:

A close up of a carDescription automatically generated During winters, avoid scraping the ice off the windscreen, it leaves scratches. Turn on the defroster, it’ll eventually melt the ice. Try to rinse the car and its bottom, the salt used on the highways and streets in winter causes early premature rusting of the car, which will ultimately shorten its lifespan and resale value.

Use defroster to remove ice from the windshield

Tips for summers:

Like winters, there are some specific precautions for summers. Avoid leaving aerosol spray cans in your car in summer, they have a tendency to explode in the heat. Try to park your car under a shade, direct sunlight causes the car paint to fade away. Check tire pressure when the tires are cold, an over-inflated tire will rupture under the extreme heat of summer.

Check for A/C refrigerant, make sure it’s up to the mark and rinse your condenser with water, a clogged condenser will make it difficult for your car to dissipate heat. Also, check that the coolant is up to the mark. These procedures may seem trivial, but at the end of the day, small measures matter.

Neglected Fluids:

People often neglect gear oil, coolant, and rear differential fluid. They need to be changed according to the manufacturer’s requirements. Often, they do not need to be changed frequently, but changing them when required greatly increases your car’s resale value and life. If your car has a hydraulic steering wheel, then it also needs to be replaced once its lifetime has been completed.

Aftermarket products:

Generally, most of the after-market products are cheaply made, only a handful of them are manufactured according to some quality standards. Only use them if you are dead sure that they are quality products, otherwise, they can even cause fires, which in turn make your vehicle less likely to be sold at a reasonable price.

Above mentioned tips may sound like car care tips, which is true because if a car is well taken care of and has been maintained properly it will automatically enhance its resale value. Make sure you follow the advice; you will be surprised by the result.