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A drama-addicted relationship rarely ends well for either partner, especially when this drama begets violence from one or both partners towards the other. Thankfully, legal firms like Wapner Newman can provide the help needed to break free of a drama-addicted relationship. Understanding the nature of these relationships and the violence they cause can make it easier to break free legally.

What is Drama Addiction?

Drama addiction is a condition that occurs to someone who becomes addicted to attention-seeking behaviors for many psychological reasons. Often, these individuals will unconsciously cause problems in their life simply to cause conflict. Consciously, they may claim to hate this type of drama but find that it follows them and believe that others are triggering it in their lives. Just a few psychological conditions that may contribute to this problem include:

  • Low Self-Esteem — Sometimes, those who do not think highly of themselves trigger drama to get people to notice them and feel better about themselves.
  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder — Those with a narcissistic personality may cause drama to force people to pay attention to them, whether those individuals want to or not.
  • Borderline Personality Disorder — This condition may cause unstable relationships and attention-seeking behaviors that cause drama addiction and other problems.
  • Paranoia Disorders — People who feel paranoid about others may create drama in their relationships, turning minor issues into major problems unnecessarily.

In a romantic scenario, a drama-addicted relationship can cause many troubles and struggles. One or both partners may continually cause dramatic problems simply to make a relationship seem exciting or engaging. Or they may have experienced many dramatic relationships in their lives and believe, unconsciously, that these behaviors indicate love, affection, or true romance.

Often, those in a drama-addicted relationship will pick fights with each other out of boredom, exaggerate minor faults to cause a conflict, end and restart relationships multiple times, cheat on each other to cause more drama, and even spiral into more severe problems. Sadly, drama-addicted relationships are often just one or two steps away from becoming very violent.

How These Relationships Turn Violent

Drama addicted relationships may slowly but inevitably turn violent through a series of four steps that often become a pattern of behavior:

  • Tension-Building — During this stage, several dramatic events will cause drama between each partner.
  • Acting Out — Abuse and violence likely occur here, as a climax of the dramatic tension.
  • Honeymoon — Forgiveness and even romance may happen after the abuse, reinforcing violent cycles.
  • Calm — A reprise from violence and drama may develop for a short time, further reinforcing this cycle.

Unfortunately, this cycle is likely to repeat many times, reinforcing violence and causing excessive drama. As a result, it is crucial to break free safely and legally from these relationships.

Breaking This Relationship Safely

If you’ve had enough of your drama-addicted violence and want to break your relationship, it is essential to take several steps to stay safe. Your violent partner is going to resent your attempts to leave and may try to hurt you. The actions you take may also be seen as part of your dramatic relationship, which could fuel more anger. When leaving your partner, you should:

  • Speak to a Lawyer — Talk to a lawyer about getting a restraining order and potentially pursuing lawsuits or even criminal cases against your abusive partner.
  • Find a Safe Place — Get away from your partner and find a safe place where you are surrounded by friends and loved ones who can protect you.
  • Protect Your Security — Change the locks on your home, put bars on your windows if necessary, remove your partner from your bank account, or even relocate if necessary.
  • Avoid Digital Problems — Immediately change all of your passwords for your online accounts and remove your partner from any shared accounts to avoid issues.
  • Reach Out to Your Family Court — Talk to a court about potential protection programs and other steps that will help to prevent your partner from abusing you.
  • Contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline — Call the 24/7 hotline 800-799-SAFE (7233) to learn more about protection and potentially stay in a domestic violence shelter.
  • Get Counseling or Rehab — Proper psychological treatment in an addiction treatment center can break your addiction to drama and help you stay safe.
  • Talk to a Divorce Lawyer — If you are married to a violent partner, talk to a divorce lawyer, and begin collecting evidence of violence to streamline your separation.

These steps require a careful approach and a light legal touch to finish effectively. Always reach out to proper legal representation to make sure that you take the best steps. In this way, you can break free from a bad relationship and get compensation for the violence you have suffered.

Take the Right Steps Today

As you can see, safely and legally ending your drama-addicted relationship can be done with minimal suffering. Ensure that you fully understand all of these steps before you begin to ensure that you perform them correctly.