Have you ever wanted to save a video from YouTube and used a lot of converters that do the job but also downloads some mysterious, harmful, or even dangerous files with it?

It is more common than you think and in most of the cases you don’t even realize what’s happening, but your device’s software suffers the consequences, nowadays we have all kinds of personal information, passwords, and documents that must be protected. Internet security is not a game and everybody should be aware of it to prevent as much as possible…

But it cannot limit you or be an impediment to enjoy your internet experience, while you download all the files or videos you want or visit your favorite websites, you just need to be careful and use safe platforms and software.

YouTube videos are not the exception, unless most of them have different durations whether a few seconds or hours, a good media converter is needed all the time and the internet offers some secure and free websites such as Ontiva to do this labor easily and in a few steps.

How to use a Video Converter Site?

1- Enter on YouTube and look for the video you would like to save: you decide between music, podcasts, recipes, interviews, exercises, and documentary, the options are limitless.

2- Copy the link: once you have opened the video, at the top of it you have a bar that contains the URL. The links always start with https://

3- Open the video converter website and paste the link where it indicates

4- Press Enter and you will see the image and the video’s name.

5- Select the quality: next to the image, the page will automatically show you the different qualities, formats, and sizes available, select the one you need.

6- Click the “download” button: and in a few seconds, you’ll have the file ready and saved as you previously chose.

7- Locate the video: once it was downloaded in the MP3 format it is on your desktop, you need to select a folder and the video would be always ready to use.

8- Enjoy!

As described, the whole process is fast and easy but the most important thing: free, secure and anonymous too, which means that you don’t need any type of registration with your e-mail and/or name, you won’t even have notifications, banners or other annoying material from this site.

Play at a normal speed and without any type of interruptions. You can use free and online video and audio editing software like Evano to edit your videos. You will also be able to play your videos while cooking or listening to your favorite music, conferences, TedTalks, or comedy shows while you are driving or in those moments when the internet is not working properly. This is the biggest benefit of downloading the content.

Just imagine all the possibilities you have since your favorite video content is saved in your desktop storage… Now, you will be able to watch everything you want or share it with friends through chats, emails, or USB flash drives, or even practice your video and audio editing skills.