It’s no secret that we are head over heels over Jun Ji Hyun’s flawless skin. This 37-year-old South Korean actress, also known as Gianna Jun, made us fall in love with her in “My Sassy Girl” and has only kept moving forward.

In the business since the age of 16, Jun Ji Hyun began her career as a model and has always awed her fans with her young glowing face that never seems to age. Even though we suspect that she secretly drinks from a youth fountain, Jun Ji Hyun claims to follow certain beauty and skincare tips to maintain her gorgeous skin.

We’ve seen her in the legend of the blue sea opposite Lee Min Ho, and there never has been a mermaid that attracted and entertained us more. Apart from all of this, she has also acted in White valentine, Blood the Last Vampire, Il Mare, and Love from the star, and nothing comes close to her beauty.

On her birthday, we dive into the beauty and skincare tips from the diva herself.

Skincare Tips


We have heard this so many times that cleansing is the key to healthy skin. But when Jun Ji Hyun swears by it, we are left with no doubts. She has a facial cleansing and facial wash step that she follows every day. She believes it is extremely important to clean the dirt that is sitting on the skin.

Her tip is to never rub the cleanser for a long time on the skin as it may irritate it. She also starts the cleansing step with warm water (not, hot!) and finishes with cold water as it tightens the skin and seals her pore. Massage the skin with a light finger to keep it fresh and relaxed.



Jun Ji Hyun’s secret ingredient is water. No, not the one from the youth fountain but, mineral water. She religiously drinks water throughout the day. Even on the busiest schedule, she makes sure her sensitive skin stays hydrated.

Jun Ji Hyun also takes a lower-body shower at night and does light stretching followed by meditation before hitting the bed. It allows her skin to relax and induces a good night’s sleep. After all, beauty sleep is also important.

Right product

Jun Ji Hyun has always emphasized on using the right product for your skin. There are a lot of options in Korean skincare products and it is necessary to choose the right one. What works for others may not necessarily work for your skin. Even though she is the face of big brands, she asks the customers to experiment with different skincare products to find the perfect match for the skin.


We are all lazy about this, but the beauty queen insists that it adds glow and radiance to her skin. She wakes up at 6 a.m. and hits her workout, followed by yoga. She believes a healthy lifestyle is a key to healthy skin. In fact, she is one of the few actresses who do not watch the amount and kind of calorie intake that she is having. Instead, she believes in burning them out. Sweating opens her pore and gives a youthful radiance to the skin.

Beauty Tips

Poppy lips


Jun Ji Hyun is always seen with her dewy complexion and impeccable makeup. Upon asked what makes her stand out, she said that she highlights her lips with a bright or poppy color while keeping the rest of the face subtle and quiet. It gives her a natural look without much effort and also draws attention to the face. Opt for a pink or orangish color to pop those lips.

Keep it light

Jun Ji Hyun believes in keeping her makeup lightweight and airy without dumping her skin with foundation, concealer, and whatnot. She believes in maximum coverage with minimal product. She uses a compact with SPF++ so that the sunscreen can be skipped.

She is also an avid fan of toners that allows her skin to relax and soothe amidst stressful schedule. Allowing your skin to breathe through the makeup is important as long hours can suffocate it, leading to breakouts.

Never miss out the sunscreen

Sun or no sun, you must always guard your skin against the UV rays. This is the advice from the actress who does not age. Sun damage can fasten up the aging process of the face while making the fine lines visible. It also leads to hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and tired skin. And how do we avoid all this? By donning a strong SPF that is not harsh on the skin while also provides efficient protection.

Scrub it away

When we hear the word “scrub”, our thought goes instantly towards scrubbing the face. But that’s not what Jun Ji Hyun is trying to say. She is talking about her lips. Using a lip scrub removes all the dry flaky skin, leaving soft smooth lips for the world to see. And once you have the flawless lips, you can create any look and wear any lipstick without fearing the breakouts.


Jun Ji Hyun is seen with a lot of different looks in her dramas. From a natural look to a bold one, she rocks all of them. It’s hard to believe that she is a mother of 2, and does not look a day older than 22.

Girls go gaga over her skin and beauty while boys cannot take their eyes from her. She has conquered the beauty world, and as she gloriously ages, we are struck with awe year after year.

On her 38th birthday, we appreciate the gem of a person she is. Happy Birthday, Jun Ji Hyun. We hope you keep making us fall in love with you and share your little secrets so we can follow your footsteps.

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To being forever young!