YouTube is the largest site for video sharing in the world. With thousands of videos downloaded every hour, there’s also a crazy race to see how many of these videos are viewed. For the video to succeed, it must be loaded without error. People want to get more and more views for their videos that they sometimes buy YouTube views. It is also a common misconception that buys YouTube views and becomes a successful YouTuber. Here are some mistakes to avoid.

Buying Fake Views

Always remember not to buy YouTube views for your channel especially fake one. First, you’ll see ads and offers that allow you to buy views of your YouTube videos. Do not do that! Not worth the consequences. Buying mistaken views only increase their monetarily perceived popularity and do nothing for their videos. In fact, if people noticed you’ve created your channel on YouTube and experience thousands of unexpected visits to your videos, they’ll suspect your content and may disappear.

Not Linking Your Channel to Social Media Pages

You should always link to your social media pages and profiles on your YouTube channel. Do it on your about page and in the descriptions of your videos. You can even include annotation links in your videos and include your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook accounts at the end of YouTube videos. Connecting to your social media accounts will give your viewers more opportunities to communicate with you on different social platforms, which is essential for long-term success.

Neglecting Your Focus

Another mistake you can see is that it’s really easy to do because the new YouTuber does not focus on the hook. Includes your title, thumbnail, and the first 15 seconds of your video. These things are essential for people to share your content. The title should be very easy to find, and the thumbnail should be selectable, something appealing, fun and bright and what seems to be the same thing on the channel.

Avoiding Social Media Presence

Many new YouTube users may assume that they can only promote their channels on YouTube, but that’s a big mistake. Marketing via social media is now the king, and not creating social networks for your YouTube channel is a mistake to avoid. Having a strong presence on social media increases your reach and can help you promote your YouTube channel tremendously.

Not Giving Enticing Branding

Even if the content is surprising if people do not want to click on the thumbnail and the title does not indicate the value. Even if they manage to get people to click, the first 15 seconds of the video does not match what they expect or expect when they click. Without this connection, there is a separation between three of these elements: users leave the video, do not get the viewing time they want, do not have the time to watch continuously, their video performance is generally poor in terms of research and related aspects, and everything on YouTube.

Poor User Interface of Channel

When the new subscribers first access the homepage of their channel, they want to know in seconds what their channel is. So, design a chain banner that clearly indicates what your channel is. It also includes a 60-second chain feed that clearly shows why people subscribe to your channel. The rest of your channel’s homepage should contain sections that go deeper into the content. Each section must have a different theme containing a series of videos.

Not Knowing Your Target Audience

It’s easy to create videos that you want to watch, but they may not be appealing to the target audience. So you have to keep the ego and try to put yourself in the public’s shoes. Try to think about your biggest problems, and then propose solutions in your videos.

Using Extra Competitive Phrases

If you’re trying to use highly competitive keywords, you’ll have trouble classifying your videos. Instead, look for low bid keywords with high demand. A free tool to use is keywords everywhere. It will tell you which CPC advertisers want to pay and the search volume associated with that keyword. The key to remember is to use the keyword phrases that people enter in the search engines, and their videos will have more ranking capacity on the first page and the search engines.

Inconsistency in Posting

If you want to increase your channel on YouTube, avoid conflicts with its content and online presence. All basic YouTube users operate their channels with fixed and published download schedules and continue to participate in social networks as well. The more you are consistent from the beginning, the better. Viewers like consistency.

Do not interact with your audience. In this sense, you should also keep in mind that your social media accounts are not just pillars. You can enter marketing content and link it to your YouTube channel. These are interactive platforms with which you must engage and interact with your audience. Ask questions to the viewers. Reply to your comments. Conduct polls for future videos. Share with your audience. If you do, viewers will help you grow and reach your channel.

Not Using Call to Action Strategy

Many YouTube users do not know where to send people after watching a video. If you want them to subscribe to your channel, ask them to sign up and explain why. If you want to crave them for another video, link to a new playlist or a new video using screens or cards.

Do not monetize your channel in the beginning and don’t buy YouTube views. Instead, first, create your audience and invest it. This is important to keep in mind, select one thing that you can optimize for each video you download. This will result in the continued growth of your channel, resulting in an increase in traffic and the number of subscribers. Finally, you should know that creating a successful YouTube channel takes time.

Do not give up and stay in it. The more you do, the better for you and it will begin to reach your audience more. Make sure to consider these tips for getting a good number of YouTube views instead to buy YouTube views.