“My Only One” KBS2



Kim Do Ran is an enthusiastic woman, with big dreams, who loves and admires her father, however, after his sudden death, she learns that the man she believed her entire life to be her father, is not and that she has been deceived, this event not only deeply marks her heart but also brings her many economic problems. As she copes with her new lifestyle, her real father appears, but it turns out that this man is an assassin, who day after day becomes more involved with Kim Do Ran, giving her life a complete 180-degree turnaround.


“My Only One” KBS2

Uee As Kim Do Ran

She is a hardworking woman, with a burning sense of justice, her dream is to be a prosecutor and put behind bars all the scammers, for this she works hard, studying and working part-time, and thus be able to pay their tuition. She had a very difficult childhood, having to endure the contempt and abuse of her adoptive mother, the death of her father Kim Dong Chul, forces her to leave her dream behind and focus on making a living.

“My Only One” KBS2

Lee Jang Woo As Wang Dae Ryook

Director of the “Bom and Food” company, he has a very peculiar personality, loves to play jokes and uses methods of conquest that only he would do, he has a great appreciation for the family and displays a lot of respect and concern for his employees. Wang Dae Ryook is the eldest son of his family and is generally a charming, very kind and compassionate man.

“My Only One” KBS2

Choi Soo Jong As Kang Soo Il / Kim Yong Hoon

Kim Do Ran’s real father, he was accused and convicted of murder, but thanks to a general amnesty was released, while in prison he could see the growth of his daughter, thanks to the help of his great friend Kim Dong Chul, he doesn’t want his daughter to know the truth about him or to meddle in her life, but things don’t turn out the way he had planned. He is a hard-working man and popular with women.

“My Only One” KBS2

Yoon Jin Yi As Jang Da Ya

She is a spoiled woman, tantrum and manipulative, she has been Wang Yi Ryook’s girlfriend for five long years and has a flower shop, Da Ya wants to marry  Wang Yi Ryook  by all means, she was raised alone by her mother Na Hong Sil, due to the death of her father.

“My Only One” KBS2

Jung Eun Woo As Wang Yi Ryook

He is the younger brother of Wang Dae Ryook, he is a spoiled kid, he loves to party, is quite irresponsible, he also loves his family a lot and he is a good cook so he has his own restaurant.

“My Only One” KBS2

My Only One” is also known as Areumdawoon Nae Pyeon, My Beautiful Side, My Beautiful Ally, Hanappoonin Naepyeon, 아름다운 내 편, Only on My Side.

This drama premiered with high ratings, on September 15 according to Nielsen Korea, the first episode counted with 22.8 % while the second episode received 25.6 %, this very solid start aroused many expectations for all viewers, thanks to which, throughout its transmission was consolidated as the number one drama in the October ranking, “My Only One“, KBS 2TV drama, has a cast full of stars that include Uee, Lee Jang Woo, Choi Soo Jong, and Na Hye Mi.

Uee and Lee Jang Woo (image from Soompi.com)

Now seriously speaking of the drama, this one has had many comments like it’s diverse, refreshing or lively. In my opinion now that the plot is focusing on the romantic couple of Kim Do Ran (Uee) and Wang Dae Ryook (Lee Jang Woo) I feel this drama is much more entertaining and the two of them are very funny, another thing I like is the way in which the lives of all the characters are intertwined, the background of each one of them and how the characters have been developing, is the most interesting thing about this drama, I don’t really think it’s that innovative and outstanding, it has many typical clichés, of course I’m not against them, I’m just saying that it has them, but, with the high ratings for this drama, I was expecting much better.
Although it’s very funny and the scenes with grandmother Madan Park and her insanity attacks are beyond hilarious, besides the performances by Lee Jang Woo and Choi Soo Jong are the best by the cast, on the other hand, I see many overacted performances.

My Only One” is still in transmission and approaching its final stretch, I will reserve all my comments until the end of this surprisingly popular drama, which I won’t deny it, I am truly curious to what will be the end of all this drama, but fun and romantic mess.