When it comes to choosing a birthday present we limit ourselves to a few options. However, nowadays a wonderful idea of creating a hamper of goodies has taken a space in the list, better known as a “box of happiness”. Along with a birthday cake, you can accompany a gift box as well. Although thinking about it could be quite an easy job but making it look dreamy and desirable is the main goal. You must know that it could be one of the best gifts for the birthday person. From preparing it on your own to the list of goodies, the points mentioned below will help you to have a better idea.

How to Make a Birthday Box?

1. Take a carton of any desirable size, according to the number of your goodies.

2. Cover the carton with any colorful designer papers for adding beauty to it.

3. Stick a beautiful printable of happy birthday to the inner surface of the box’s lid.

4. You can even stick the Polaroid pictures.

5. Lastly, fill the box with the colorful crinkles.

Making a box is not going to be a difficult task, but what to add in it will be a head-scratcher. So, here is the list of things which you can consider to add in the birthday box.

1. Beauty Care Gift Box

If you are preparing a birthday box for your best friend then you should surely pamper her by providing the beauty care products. Consider adding the products of the same brand and cover it with a tissue paper festooning, she will love it.

2. Botanical Gift Box

Gifting a package of the mini garden would be a very lovely and beautiful present. Place different succulent plants according to the size of your box and witness the magic of nature in a box. Well, your loved one will be very happy to receive it on their birthday.

3. Stationery Supply Gift Box

The option of adding adorable stationery supplies can be considered without fail. Supplies drenched in pastel colors and cute doodles will level up the cuteness of a birthday gift. You can add kawaii planner, pens, sticky notes, stickers, paper clips, mini calculator, etc. Be the one to carry the cutest gift box in the birthday room.

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4. Customized Gift Box

In a personalized gift box, you can mix and add random stuff such as chocolates, mugs, wallets, perfume, etc. Keeping the color of both boxes and products the same would make it look prettier. So, get your brain in some work and think about what your friend would like to see in that box.

5. Toothsome Gift Box

Does the birthday person have a sweet tooth? Then you should surely add the sweet delicacies into the box. If you have good hands in baking then go for it or if not then you can get them customized from a confectionery store. Don’t miss treating your loved ones on their birthday with a delicious hamper.

6. Fragrance Gift Box

Adding fragrant products in a gift box will never let you down. You can put fragrant candles, sticks along with that as a diffuser, and an essential oil would make a perfect way as a present. Why don’t you be the reason for a pleasant smell in their house?

Until now you must have got some idea regarding how you can prepare an impeccable gift box rather than jumbling with your existing ideas. In case you are unable to make it at the birthday party then send the gift box and opt for online cake delivery services to mark your presence.