What is that one thing that makes some gamblers successful in a casino? What are some of the mistakes/ characteristics that make some gamblers lose a lot of money in a typical gambling platform? What is social gambling?

These are some of the questions that might be running through your mind right now, irrespective of whether you are a newbie or an experienced player. We were lucky to have a session with our expert Alexandra Nereng, whose profile you can overview here, to help us understand casino gambling in Norway and the traits needed better. The following are the personality traits casino gamblers habitually flaunt:


When some gamblers lose or the outcome of the game that they are waiting for takes longer than expected, they become impatient. Impatience has vast disadvantages for the players because it makes them lose a lot.

The impatient casino players frequently are also characterised by rapid loss of temper. Impatience may also make them gamble more with all their money and lose all they have.

The ideal Norwegian players should be on the lookout for nye nettcasino with new offers and attractive features. Such players take their time to analyse new games and maximise their winning chances.

Gamblers must stay cool as they play their favourite games; most end up losing their money as they try to recover the lost time and amount. Impatient gamblers may even end up doubling their stakes to ‘recover’ their lost money at once. However, when they lose, they end up more stressed than they were.


Gambling is addictive, especially to gamblers who don’t know how to control their spending and time. You will find that some of these players will spend their last coin in one casino. Such players do not even note when time passes as they are carried away by the games.

The pressure of losing makes the majority of the players frequently gamble in a bid to win more. However, the outcome is always the same. As a result, they resort to gambling again, unknown to them that they are building on their addiction. Such players can only get out of such a mess once they understand the psychology of gambling addiction.

Failing to be realistic

Gambling enthusiasts know that winners did not build Las Vegas. As a result, they like to keep it real. They know that winning and losing make gambling better. Experienced gamblers understand that there is no reason for excitement when you win money gambling.

Similarly, they understand that there is no point in being sad when you lose to the casinos because it’s what makes gambling better. Without losses, no player would be playing to win. However, not all gamblers understand the concept of losing hence the urge to play more casino games continually.

How to overcome the habits if you become a victim?

Have self-control

Gambling brings fun to the players. As such, many of them may get excited about it and forget about other things. Some people end up neglecting their work or have strained relationships with immediate family members. Surprisingly, it may become challenging to do away with your affection for gaming. However, the best strategy that may not be easy for everyone is self-control.

Self-control not only allows the players to control their budget but also their emotions. Gamblers who can control their emotions are capable of achieving great things.

Be positive

Most gamblers tend to leave the casinos in a sad mood on a day they don’t win. They don’t know about the secret to happier gambling. The happiest gamblers treat online gaming like other forms of entertainment, such as watching movies. They know that through positivity, they can achieve many things. It also helps them to keep track of their budget for gambling.

Always ensure that you enjoy gaming when you go to the casinos. If you realise you are not enjoying every moment you are at the casino, consider changing your attitude and mindset. It all starts with small things such as understanding the European gambling laws and how it impacts playing habits.

It is important that you only adopt the best gambling habits in Norway that will enable you to succeed as a gambler. Bad habits will lead you to know but to consequences such as addiction which will land you on depression.