Finding a place for a respectable vacation is a real quest. However, in Eastern Europe, there are several brands that have been trusted for over 25 years. Since 1992, Storm International has been developing a network of elite casinos and respectable slot halls with restaurants. These places are popular and respected among people who prefer to relax with a hint of excitement, appreciate the impeccable service and delicious food.

Today, Michael Boettcher’s Storm International manages several business lines: the Shangri La VIP casino network, the Storm Casino slot halls, and the restaurant chain. All these establishments are united by a unique style, invariably friendly and welcoming attitude towards guests and fair play.

The Storm Casino slot halls are ten units scattered in ten places in Germany. These are not ordinary rooms with slots, but rather themed restaurants where you can additionally play slot machines, billiards or darts. The design and theme of each unit are unique. Everywhere visitors wait with spacious rooms with a great atmosphere, where it’s nice not only to play but also to enjoy food, as well as communication in your company. Bonn is also an amazing travel destination in Germany. If you ever decide to visit, do check out our what to do in Bonn list.

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Each Storm Casino has its own profile. So, some units are popular due to complex dinners, great burgers, a cozy summer playground, and regular darts or billiards tournaments. All establishments accept orders for various events, ranging from small dinners to large events for dozens of guests.

Shangri La Casino is the main brainchild of the company, which today unites four units. These are the best casinos in Riga, Minsk, Tbilisi, and Yerevan. They work in a VIP niche, offer a refined atmosphere of relaxation, all the popular card games, roulette, and hundreds of various modern slot machines. The idea of impeccable relaxation for people with a discerning taste is put at the forefront.

This Shangri La idea was realized in Moscow in 1992. The very first complex was famous in Russia due to fair play and huge prizes. The record win was $ 2 million! And, of course, it is worth mentioning the magnificent atmosphere of luxury and a real holiday.

In 2009, it was decided to close Shangri La Moscow due to a change in the Russian gambling legislation. Storm International decided not to transfer the unit to a special zone but decided to expand to neighboring countries. So, in 2008, Shangri La Yerevan appeared, in 2009 – Shangri La Minsk, in 2012 – Shangri La Tbilisi, and in 2017 – SL Casino Riga. In 2019, there were thoughts about expanding in Ukraine, wherewith the change of the country leadership, they started talking about gambling business legalization.

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All complexes have a VIP class, are located in separate buildings, or operate on the 5-star hotel’s basis. A single style with branding and exclusive furniture unites all Shangri La casinos. Especially for units’ decoration, original carpets from England, Italian textiles, European art objects were ordered, unique chandeliers, and lamps were made. Moreover, each complex has unique design features, such as stained-glass windows or exquisite forging.

In Shangri La, you can fully enjoy card games in all their diversity, American roulette, slot machines, including the latest HD curved-screen models. On the gambling complexes basis, there are VIP clubs where you can play with higher bets and get cool prize pools. If hungry, you can taste excellent dishes and real delicacies at the casino restaurants, where the process is run by real chefs who have many years of experience. And all because Storm International, Darren Keane, CEO of the company said, knows what you want from relaxation and offers this with pleasure.