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Asian Casino Games That Westerners Love

It’s not only K-Pop, sushi, and Asian beauty products that Westerners continue to rush to get their hands on, but there are also plenty...

Reasons why Bangkok should be on your 2019 travel bucket list?

Right in the heart of South Asia, Bangkok, and the capital city of Thailand hosts thousands of visitors every day. The gorgeous city that...

How Cryptocurrencies are the World’s Best Performing Assets?

2019 was a spectacular year for the Cryptocurrencies market. It is the world’s best-performing asset class, and more and more investors have started taking...

JYP Entertainment funder, Park Jin Young celebrates 24 years since his debut

The veteran singer, producer, composer and founder of one of the leading record labels in South Korea, Park Jin Young, also known as "The...

How to Switch to an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle in 2020

Call it a trend game or the result of being more aware, more people today are keen to switch to eco-friendly lifestyle choices. However,...

Are Technology Innovations actually Shaping Online Casinos?

The expansion of tech is really helping to attract new players to the casino realm. It’s providing them with a good amount of access,...

15 Tips for First-Year Students

Whether you have just become a student or have been one for a few years now, these tips will not only make your education...
Hot Tub Enclosure

How to Make Your Hot Tub Enclosure Family-Friendly

Hot-tub enclosures are usually geared towards adults. It's the grown-ups who get to use the most of these home structures. After a long day...
Healthy Habits

6 Healthy Habits to Build for 2019

If you’ve ever had trouble following through on a new year’s resolution, or just about any habit-building exercise, it might...

“Nodame Cantabile” will get a Chinese adaptation!

The Chinese version of this adorable story is titled "Cantabile Youth" (让全世界都听见) with Zhang Xin cheng  as the male lead (My Huckleberry Friends) and...