You spend more than one or two years planning your perfect wedding day, but you know that once the special occasion comes you will hardly enjoy it, either because you want to make sure everyone is pleased, either because you just have no time to breathe. Since that is not fair and you will forever remember this day in your life for good reasons, you should also prepare yourself to enjoy the party and the time with your new life partner. The following tips aim to help the love bird couple to celebrate their own wedding with the guests.

  • Wake up refreshed

The night before the wedding should have all the last-minute details solved and, obviously, all the rest nuptial issues. Going to sleep with your mind full of concerns won’t make you rest properly. You will already be nervous for the big day; you don’t need your brain overwhelmed.

  • Protein and carbs for the breakfast

You don’t know for sure when you will eat after breakfast. The groom and the bride will be busy and to avoid collapse; your body needs carbs and proteins. A good example of these two together are eggs, cheese, grain bread, and fruits.

  • Take time to prepare yourself

Preparing for a special celebration shouldn’t be done overstress. The couple should enjoy the time while getting ready to say “yes” to the significant other. To women is also important to start preparing early, since the arrangements might take longer than the groom ones. Never face the getting ready part as if it was a horse race.

  • Hiring a wedding manager

Having the safety feeling that someone will take care of all the drama and problems during the wedding day, will make you feel less stressed and happier. Someone with some professional experience in dealing with guests, parties and strong emotions is a plus for the couple. Most of the people cut this expense from the list, but you can spare time and patience if you add this extra.

  • Put your phone away

It is not the time to share your love on social media; it is time to live it! Take some selfies, occasionally, report the wedding with videos, but make sure you won’t spend the day updating social media. Everyone will try to reach you and congratulate you. Keep the focus on yourself and on your celebration day.

  • Make a ten-minute dinner

Taking the time to enjoy a full meal seems to be impossible with so many guests clamoring for you and your attention. They want to toast with you, take pictures and talk in general. Making a ten-minute dinner date, when you can have some consistent bites, will help you feel with more energy. Enjoying your new spouses’ company is also important; you just got married.

  • Be careful with alcohol

This is a day you will want to remember clearly in your life. The mix of not eating properly and drinking too much alcohol can go wrong. Drinking is for your friends’ wedding, not your own. In any case, if you drink a full glass of water in the between of alcoholic drinks, it may decrease the change of you getting wasted.

  • Give the DJ a list of the songs you want to dance

You don’t like Y.M.C.A or Spanish reggaeton? Just give the DJ a full list of your own taste. You don’t want to hear songs you don’t appreciate, and that can trigger bad memories. It is your wedding, so it is your jam.

  • Dance, dance, dance

Your favorite songs are playing! The dancefloor has all the people you love, and you just got married to the love of your life. Dance, celebrate, have fun. Wear comfortable shoes and hit the dance hall.

  • Don’t put pressure on the wedding night

The day was long and intense. Most of the couples feel exhausted. If the fire is still on, perfect. But if the flame is weak, you just started the rest of your life with your significant other. Don’t put pressure on the first night of your honeymoon.

Above all, you just married the person you love more than anything. Enjoy each other and always remember that this moment will last forever in your memories.