Today, we are reviewing the 10 best medical dramas that have been popular on television over the years by being close to doctors, writing stories of doctors in hospitals, and details of their daily lives. The medical series began in the 1930s with the first medical TV show called Dr. Kildare. Currently, there are more than 200 medical series available. In this article, we review the top 10 medical series that have won the highest international awards in addition to the high rating.

Who among us did not dream of being a doctor at a young age! Some achieved their dream and became doctors, and others could not reach. So, they watched the medical shows that fulfill part of their passion and reveal the secrets and lies of doctors inside hospitals.


Dr. Kildare was one of the first American medical TV shows to give way to many subsequent television programs dealing with the medical field. The series became a fast success and made Richard Chamberlain a superstar, through the lead role he played.

This medical series initially narrated the story of a young intern, Dr. James Kildare, who is working at “Blair General Hospital”. The young doctor is building his career, helping the patients, and trying to win the respect and gain the trust of Dr. Leonard Gillespie.

9. Nip/Tuck

The series, consisting of 6 seasons from 2003 to 2010, revolves around the story of some plastic surgeons in the American city of Miami, the situations that revolve between them and the patients, personal experiences, and the relationships that take place with their patients.


Nurse Jackie is one of the most beautiful American medical comedy series. It was well-received by critics, as he won five Primetime Emmy Awards.

It starred actress Eddie Falco, who plays nurse Jackie Peyton, who fights drug addiction to find a balance between her daily work demands at a New York City hospital and her own personal drama.

The series focused on nurses in particular as the director stated that every medical series is about doctors, and doctors are completely incapable of doing what they need to do without nurses.


The events of this wonderful American medical series take place in a fictional hospital called Sacred Heart in California and focus in particular on the trainee “JD” who is making his way into the world of medicine full of adventure, with the help of his junior medical colleagues. Comedy and drama give the series a beautiful character. Peabody Award in 2006.


Friends, families, enemies, and lovers are going through some life-changing experiences in the large city of Port Charles in North New York. The events take place inside a busy hospital, high-end hotel, comfortable restaurant, and dangerous waterfront.

GENERAL HOSPITAL is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest-running series in Hollywood and holds the record for most of the Daytime Emmy Awards for Greatest Medicine and Drama Series.


St. Eligius is an old, dilapidated, underfunded hospital located in a slum area within Boston. Doctors, nurses, staff, and patients live a life full of love, joking and laughter, their purpose is to heal within their own little world, which they jokingly call but with love “Saint Elsewhere.”

The series won 13 Emmy Awards, and TV Guide ranked the series “One of the 60 Greatest American Medical Series of All Time”.


A medical drama centered around Meredith Gray, a professional surgeon and the daughter of one of the well-known surgeons, Dr. Ellis Gray. This series is characterized by the fact that each season is distinguished by its own case, as the first season revolves around a love relationship in a hospital between two doctors, and the events follow in the following seasons when personal life mixes with working life to produce for us more human drama Throughout the series. Meredith goes through many personal and professional ones with other surgeons at Seattle Grace Hospital.

The series also focuses on the personal and professional lives of five other interns inside the hospital. Highlighted by the media as a “TV phenomenon”. GRAY’S ANATOMY has won many awards, including the Golden Globe Award for Best Medical Television Series, and thirty-eight Primetime Emmy Award nominations in total.


During fifteen seasons of the series ER, which began in 1994 to 2009, this series conveyed to us the defining moments experienced by doctors inside the Chicago Hospital that depict life, death, and the feelings that revolve between them. Nursing students may find this show interesting and informative at some point as they see some real-life situations filmed in a professional way. Besides that, students also use services to help them with medical subjects. ER, with more than $ 3 billion in television revenue, is the second-longest-running medical drama in prime time in American television history after Grey’s Anatomy.

2.Good Doctor

This series is considered one of the best series about doctors and the medical field, as it has garnered a lot of admiration since it was launched, receiving more than 18 million views from the first seven episodes only. The series revolves around a surgeon who suffers from autism and works in a prestigious hospital. This young doctor has to prove his worth to everyone and force them to work with him and prove to them that he is indeed a skilled doctor. This story was adapted from the Korean series of the same name that was shown in 2013, but it did not achieve the success of the American version.


HOUSE is an outstanding American medical series that originally aired on Fox for eight seasons, from November 16, 2004, to May 21, 2012. The main role centers around Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) who is the chief of diagnostic medicine at Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital in New Jersey. The events of this series revolve around doctor Gregus House who is a strange doctor who hates all humans in addition to being a drug addict. He and his team’s job is to solve extreme cases, where other doctors often find it difficult to recognize symptoms of the disease.

You can watch any of these interesting shows online if you do not have enough time to catch them on TV. Many popular platforms provide high quality streaming for such famous shows.

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