Yoo Jin Kook is a police officer, who is marginalized at work, due to his work situation it is not possible for him to develop as he could, bringing a certain misfortune to his life, however, the murder of a college student and its possible resolution come to obsess him, because according to Yoo Jin Kook the culprit is not who everyone believes; but rather Kim Moo Young a mysterious but attractive young man, who day after day becomes more involved in the life of Yoo Jin Kook and his beloved sister Yoo Jin Kang.


Park Sung Woong as Yoo Jin kook
He is a policeman who belongs to the number three violent crimes unit, who is better known as the manager Yoo, since his appearance is not that of a policeman but that of an office worker, he has a great relationship with his colleague So Jung, and Yoo Jin Kang is his younger sister, Jin Kook has raised her since her youth and cares a lot about her future; Yoo Jin Kook is a funny, stingy and sometimes immature person, especially when it comes to his little sister. Despite his appearance, he has the ability to solve crimes but does not trust his abilities enough as the result of the environment in which he works and a possible big mistake he made twenty-five years ago.

Seo In Guk as Kim Moo Young
He is a young man who works as first assistant at the ARJS artisanal brewery, has a photographic memory, is very mysterious, a person difficult to decipher, but with an attractive and captivating aura, he is very skilled with women and quite calculating and dominant, Moo Young grew up in the Catholic orphanage of Haesan, Jamyung from six to fifteen years old and is renowned for his hard work; Baek Seung Ah is his current girlfriend, but the reality is that Moo Young has confused feelings towards Jin Kang, Seung Ah’s best friend.

Jung So Min as Yoo Jin Kang
She is the director of the “Appearance and Design” company, she is a reliable and mature person, but, she is a bit shy and insecure about herself, she deeply appreciates her brother Yoo Jin kook, who raised her after the loss of their parents and have a warm and funny relationship; although Seung Ah is her best friend, Jin Kang feels a certain sense of danger, but at the same time an attraction and  a bond towards Moo Young, her best friend’s boyfriend and as a consequence of this, she has mixed feelings and a great debate on her inside.

The Drama so far…

Certainly “The smile has left your eyes“, is a drama definitely out of the ordinary, has a strong theme that has given much to talk about and although it involves murder cases, is not a police drama as such, is a Korean drama based on the popular Japanese drama “Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi” and won’t tell much about the Japanese drama because I could give potential spoilers for the Korean version, although, the Korean version, “The smile has left your eyes” could tell the story differently, we have yet to see as the drama is still in emission.

In the last chapters I could watch, Kim Moo Young is such a disconcerting character, it can be described as a feeling that he is a good boy, confused by his feelings, but he also may be a bad boy, he has a kind of evil and chilling aura that will soon explode in a dramatic event, plus, the officer Yoo Jin kook and his sister Yoo Jin Kang relationship with a mysterious past, the murder case and the suspicions of Yoo jin kook against Moo Young and that constant debate between what is right and what is not, undoubtedly give us a drama full of mysteries, mistrust, much tragedy and total bewilderment. I’m like in a constant fear that something bad is going to happen.

The main actors expressed their opinions about their work, they showed great confidence about it and a lot of expectation, Jung So Min mentioned: “First, I could have felt the pressure of the original drama, but the reason I decided to appear was because of the way the script was written and because the story was very funny. He’s also a director I really wanted to work with.
Seo In Guk pointed out: “The original drama is something that created a great sensation. The plot and the progression of the story were unthinkable. That kind of thing became popular, but the script for our drama is really well done. I thought we won’t have to worry about that kind of thing and we’ll do it well in our own way. Speaking of his character Moo Young, Seo In Guk said: “A person like him probably exists somewhere. A person who is like your destiny. It’s someone who has emotions that are difficult to see in everyday life and also has common sense. I think at least one person like him should exist on this Earth. But he’s also a character that I’m glad he has Jin Kang.
Jung So Min said of her character, Jin Kang: “She is like a big snowflake. She is a very complex character. She grew up to become a bright and warm woman thanks to her brother, but she has a loneliness in her that is like a big snowflake at the end of winter. I’ll post more information as the drama progresses, don’t miss it.