The key to surviving your first year in college is not in following the syllabus neither can it be found in any of your academic textbooks. But they will determine your success in college right now and in the future. No matter what you did in high school, what are your achievements and failures, this does not affect your college life whatsoever. You will be starting college with a clean academic slate.

The reality is that during your college days, you will have a lot of critical decisions to take, and a lot of freedom to make these choices. The decisions you make and the actions you take will have an enormous impact on your life throughout college. There is no need stressing the fact that you need survival tips to succeed in your first year in college, which is the most critical for every student. Here are the top 5 tips that will help a first-year student to survive their first year in college.

Your first-week matter

For many students, the first week in college might look like a false start while others believe that nothing really serious can happen at this time. And thus, you find them arriving campus late or even turning up late for classes. If you follow this trend, it might be the beginning of your problems in college. If you miss an assignment, a class or even a test, (which can happen anytime from the first week), you will also miss a chance to make a good first impression.

Aside from this, it also decreases your zeal for study, and there is a high tendency for such attitude towards classes or your academics to continue throughout your study in college.

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Strike a balance

Your days in college will be marred by a mixture of social and academic happenings. Focusing more on your social life will be at the expense of your academic life and thereby will make you to tip off balance. Instead, you should try to strike a balance in all you do.

Even if you have to study all night, ensure you find some time for social and fun activities during the day. You may use additional resources to do your tasks timely, check essay topics list. Also, find some time to relax from the stress of each day, engage in anything that will give your brain a break.

Be present in all orientations

Many freshers underestimate the significance of a campus tour during their first year. You need to grasp a good understanding of your campus to help you feel at ease and understand how things are done differently from high school. There is no other better time to do this than during your fresher year. The more you understand the school environment, the quicker you will be able to resolve issues and be more comfortable among your peers.

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Attend all classes

No matter how far you are tempted to skip some, don’t yield to it. If you do, it will turn into a habit gradually. In no time, you will feel reluctant and give excuses for not going to class at all. Classes allow you to learn many things that may likely show up in tests or exams. The significance of going to all classes might not be visible in your first year, but you will feel its impact in your academics as you progress in your studies.

Get close to your academic advisor

This person is a key resource for you because he or she is the one that will help you each time you encounter problems with your courses as well as class rescheduling for another semester. Getting to know and understand this person is the first step you should take towards academic advancement in college. However, you can request a change if you don’t like the supervisor assigned to you.

You have done enough hard work, studied to earn good grades in high school, and got accepted to your chosen college. So why not allow your hard work pay off by heeding these top 5 fresher tips to succeeding in your first year in college? Your first year will present lots of challenges as well as opportunities for growth and advancement in your studies. Make the most of them with these tips.