We are humans and crave for love. So, when someone of the opposite sex takes an interest in you and begins to reel off those phrases that you’ve heard many times but still want to hear, you can’t help but listen. It is a fantastic thing to be asked out. It shows that your personality is enchanting to the opposite sex. Also, as a woman going on her first date, and vice versa, there is a need to be sure you’re taking the right step. It could be discouraging to meet a “stranger” for the first time or more often without having some safety tips to guide you.

Do you want to learn how to do a background check on someone you are dating? Maybe you’re trying to assure yourself that your would-be partner doesn’t have any negative motive up his or her sleeves. If that is what you’re looking for, then read on to find out how to do dating background checks.

Get to Know Them First

What is the medium you got in contact with your date? Was it through social media or friends? It might be that you got to know your date after meeting in a gathering or occasion. Whichever is the case, you need to have some information about your partner. You can start by going through social media posts or any other helpful information that reveals your date’s personality. Other data, such as age, hobbies, and occupation, could also come into the research.

You can’t do all that without having a tool that reveals the contact and background info of your date. Perform your background search with Nuwber and you would discover among many things, the telephone numbers, police records, and even the addresses of your partner.

Having this at your fingertips makes it easier to discover if “you’re on the same page” with your new date. Also, the data you got can double as added security advantage because you already have some valuable information to drop with a friend or family about who you are meeting.

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Be Intentional About Your Dressing

Do you know that feeling that comes with someone new? You want to impress him or her. Hence, you tend to “look your best” on the first date. There might not be anything terrible “going out of your way” to impress the other party, but don’t overdo.

As a rule of thumb, conservative dressing or clothes that reveal some vital parts of the body are ruled out. While such outfits might be “befitting to you,” the other party may think otherwise. You wouldn’t want to be walked out on by your date when your partner feels uncomfortable because of your untoward dressing. It has happened to someone I know, and you wouldn’t love that experience. Therefore, dress decently and smart.

Be Responsible for Your Transportation

Wait! Were you expecting your date to give you the transport fare? On a first date? Such expectations don’t always come out as good as you may be expecting. You wouldn’t want to be like the hundreds of individuals that had their first (and the last date too) because they seemed overly independent on their date.

That you were invited to date doesn’t translate to be expectant of your partner. If you can, set aside some money for your transport. Alternative transportation arrangements, such as booking a taxi, can help you round off the engagement when you wanted and not to overstay.

So, the basics here are:

  • Research on the available medium of transportation to take you to and from the date venue
  • Have some money with you to pay for the transport
  • Ensure you’re through with the date as planned
  • Don’t Kill the Excitement

Can you really kill the excitement? Do you realize that getting to know your partner is “the life of the party?” The moment you become overly engrossed in the research into the lifestyle and personality of your date, you have started killing the excitement.

In contrast, the beauty of every date is discovery. That feeling of discovering someone with a different personality than yours is thrilling. When you read up the facts about your partner beforehand, you would be left with little or nothing to ask during the date. Therefore, research with care and leave out the vital parts for your partner to explain.

Meet in Public

When you research your new date online, you also have to figure out the next security step to take. It doesn’t matter if your partner has a great personality devoid of harm. When you have additional security, you would be more comfortable to continue with the meeting.

The perfect step is to turn down invites to meet the “stranger” (date) in his or her home. The other part remains a stranger until you get comfortable being around him or her. Therefore, the best thing to do is to meet in a public place. It could be in a restaurant, a bar, a club, or a movie theater. Whichever place that catches your fancy, you can be sure that your date wouldn’t try anything funny in public if any.

Be Safe When Dating

You want to find love, but be secured about it. While you research your new date online to see if the personality fits into what you need, also be sure that you have some security to back it up. We hope you found our dating safety tips useful and would begin to apply them soon.

Do you have a date coming up soon? Have you figured out some top dating safety rules ahead of it? Let us know in the comment section!