Cars for a Family Trip
Cars for a Family Trip

The USA is a country with a well-developed road system, which makes it a great place to travel by car. In addition, the car is very convenient to transport wherever you are. After all, with its help, you can easily reach the desired destination, as well as go on a trip around the United States. Of course, families consisting of a large number of people especially need it. Today a variety of cars is growing every day, but how to choose a realistic budget, roomy, and safe car for a family trip? Well, Thrifty car rental USA will explain this issue too, as well as help you to choose the best family car to meet your needs. For instance, vans are hands down one of the best options for families, and if you are looking for some alternatives, these guys always have vans for sale.

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Opel Grandland X

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(photo by Elco van der Meer)

10th place in the list of the best cars for a family should be given to the compact crossover Opel Grandland X. There’s cruise control in the system of this car that detects danger on the traffic lane and pedestrians on the road. In order to prevent a frontal collision, an automatic emergency braking, as well as blind spots monitor system, is integrated into the car. Five sears will allow the family to feel comfortable in such an elegant crossover. As for the luggage trunk, it’s still quite capacious and has a volume of 514 liters, and by folding the rear backs, the volume increases to 1,652 liters.

Toyota C-HR

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9th place among the best modern family cars is occupied by Toyota C-HR. This model immediately fascinates with its sporty charismatic look, and its stylish appearance causes a desire to drive at a fast speed through the city at night. This car has a great selection of safety features. Despite its dynamic look, this model can easily be attributed to the family-type car due to its hybrid variation, which makes it quite economical in terms of fuel consumption.

Renault Kadjar

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Renault Kadjar SUV differs from its predecessors in all-wheel drive with mode switching up to clutch locking. In addition, this model is practical and features a high-quality interior along with excellent ergonomics. It has a spacious five-seat interior and a spacious trunk of 472 liters. Renault Kadjar has a modification that allows it to achieve unprecedented efficiency and low fuel consumption, which is a great option for a family car.


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Of course, BMW is a dream car for many drivers, and this model is doubly attractive for its amazing and at the same time high-quality interior. Its dynamic appearance cannot leave you indifferent. What’s more, BMW X1 has a number of such features as high-mounted seats, easy control of auto functions, as well as an energetic and at the same time efficient engine. By the way, the car is not only designed to carry passengers. Thanks to the electric folding of the back seats, it can easily be transformed to accommodate larger baggage.

Volkswagen Tiguan

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This German vehicle is so fast that with its two-liter turbo-diesel power unit it will easily bypass its competitor with the same engine volume. The average fuel consumption of the new Volkswagen Tiguan is 6.8 liters per 100 km. The bright and impressive car provides not only comfort but also traffic safety, thanks to a number of technologies built into the control system.

Nissan Qashqai

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In the middle of the rating of family cars, you’ll find Nissan Qashqai. This is not just a vehicle, but a “car robot” equipped with advanced Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies, which control the situation on the road and can predict all possible driving mistakes in advance. In addition to standard programs, the car features the chassis control complex, which ensures safe movement.

Peugeot 3008

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The elegant design of this model hasn’t only attractive properties, but also an impressive exterior of a reliable and dynamic car. This car is equipped with high technologies that will impress with electric automatic transmission, an eight-inch touch screen, a digital instrument panel, a steering wheel with built-in control buttons. In this car, you can relax after a hard day and use the built-in massage function in the car seat.

Seat Ateca

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(photo by SAUD AL-OLAYAN)

Seat Ateca is among the three leaders in the ranking of the best family cars due to its attractive appearance and functional qualities. Many drivers are attracted by the inscription with the model name, which appears with the help of LED turn signals for external mirrors when the door is opened. A car with front-wheel drive has a roomier trunk, in contrast to the all-wheel-drive (respectively, 510 liters and 485 liters). The interior of the Seat is decorated with the use of high-quality material, and its control system is equipped with technologies that ensure the absolute safety of driving.

Skoda Karoq

With its serious appearance, the characteristics of Skoda Karoq are also excellent. The interior of this family car is minimalistic and practical, but everything is made of first-class material. The car is equipped with all kinds of electronic security tools, a multimedia system with a large touch screen, along with a number of functions performed by using gestures. In addition, this model has seven airbags, heated front seats, and a rear-view camera.

Volvo XC40

Volvo XC40 is the best modern family car. This is a powerful, compact crossover with impeccable design and increased ground clearance. Volvo cars are truly considered to be the safest cars. Volvo XC40 is equipped with all kinds of kits, which include not only basic features – airbags, anti-theft system, heated car seats, parking assistant, nine-inch media system, blind zones monitor, but also Momentum, Inscription, and R-Design systems. More specifically, the car has a rain and light sensor, a system for recognizing road signs and preventing accidents, assisting during the descent, a multifunctional steering wheel, and cleaning the air in the car, which is especially important if you travel with kids.