iPhone is the biggest smartphone in the world. iPhone provides many functionalities including tracking systems. Find my iPhone is an application that is used for location tracking service that connects a smartphone with a cloud database platform.

Introduction to GPS tracker

So what is the iPhone GPS tracker? Assisted GPS (AGPS) is used to find your location in iPhone. It is a built-in function in the iPhone you cannot need to install in it. This GPS chip is used to conjunction with cell phone towers and Wi-Fi. This feature is faster than the old GPS. It uses at least 3 of 31 satellite signals to find the exact position of that person through iPhone. The main feature is there iPhone XS both the GPS and GLONASS satellite systems. Find my iPhone is an app that is introduced in June 2010.


iPhone tracking is activated by the Find my iPhone function when you set up your iPhone it will ask you to enable your location service. Before using this you must be login in I clouds. If you enable it to find your current location. if you are not comfortable with it you can also turn off this service. An active GPS connection is essential for as that contains mapping features for privacy. iPhone GPS system is used to find your current place and the places you have often visited including Street cities and States. If you on this function, places may be zoomed in on a map but this data is not sent to Apple without your permission. If your GPS system does not works properly Wi-Fi tracking system is used to track your phone location via a Wi-Fi signal.

Third-party app

There are several third-party apps that is used to do this job also these types of maps are also a built-in function that not only track your own location but also your device there are many software’s to do this best option is Highster mobile it is a Spy App in the market like Dr.Fone-Virtual Location. It not only tracks your application but also information such as your call your message, call history, social activities you are media gallery emails, and much more. This app is useful when your mobile is misplaced to find your mobile location.

To use these types of apps, the biggest issue is the privacy issues. Phone tracking must be done by the owner’s choice. But on iPhone, you can activate the software remotely without touching the device but you know about phone Apple ID and password to complete this installation.

Complementary Technologies of GPS Tracking system


It is a motion-tracking chip that is used for motion technologies.


In iPhone, this chip is used to measure and create the accurate elevation readings.


iPhone has six gyroscope chips that are used to record your motion, data, and apps you can use on the phone.

M-series processor

It uses a coprocessor chip to measure the data. The main working of this chip is to improved power efficiency.


  • iPhone tracking system is important to control and find your phone if your phone is stolen or misplaced.
  • It is also useful for look an eye on your children’s, parents now automatically attach their mobiles with children’s mobile.