Korea is among World technology leaders with flagship companies like Samsung and LG, prominent car manufacturers in Hyundai and Kia. But, besides dominance in the tech and car industry, Korea has a similar position in the Cosmetics industry as a technology and quality leader. At the same time in the past twenty years, Korean pop culture rose from anonymity to global recognition. The peak happened in 2012 with PSY single Gangnam Style becoming the first video to reach a billion views. These are some starting points if you want to write a K-pop essay.

Best topics for Korean Pop Culture essay

When writing an article about K-pop, the focus will probably be on their music industry, but the production quality is high in movies, design, and there is an active television industry with regionally famous soap operas. Nothing is left for a chance in Korea Pop Industry, and production agencies recruit their performers early relying heavily on education.

How did K-pop start?

One talent show in 1992 changed the whole musical landscape in Korea, opening the door to booming K-pop culture that followed. Seo Taeji and Boys performed the song that mixed Korean lyrics, Euro-pop, African American hip hop with synchronized dancing. The judges voted them off the show, but their song I Know climbed the top of the chards and sparked a Korean pop revolution.


Hallyu is a Chinese term for Korean Wave that started in the early 90’ and just ten years later spread in the region. With the lifting of cultural exchange ban with Japan, Korean artists became famous in neighboring countries and all over Asia. Korean music and popular culture industry is a multibillion-dollar venture. Exploring the K-pop phenomenon is not an easy task, especially if you want to dig deep. You could find professional help with college papers for essays on k-pop.

Gangnam style

Perfectly choreographed Korean videos with beautiful hand-picked artists dominated through years in the region until in 2012 hip-hop singer PSY broke the Internet and Youtube with its Gangnam Style video. Half serious, half parody and incredibly catchy he conquered the whole world singing in Korean. It was the first video with over 1 billion views on Youtube, and it opened the door to other Korean pop artists to break into other Western markets. In 2012 PSY performed on American Music Awards along with legendary MC Hammer.

Grooming and creating pop groups

Three big professional agencies have around 200 trainees. They recruit talent as young as 10-14 years and incubate them through a harsh program of dancing and singing lessons. Agencies form pop groups, write catchy songs, design impeccable choreography, and invest in high-end music videos. The final product is massively produced pop videos with pretty girls and boys. Although it is corporate, these songs and groups reached even American charts and became a recognizable and lucrative export product.

The dark side of the Korean music industry

Becoming a K-pop start is opposite to glorious and shiny videos. An essay on Korean Pop Culture could dig into problematic way pop groups are assembled. They choose an artist based on their looks, put them through a strict schedule of training, education, and as little as 4-5 hours of sleep. They are also some issues with paying the singers and abusive behavior inside the big studios.

Korean movies

While Korean dramas and soap operas are wildly popular in Korea and Asia, Korean movies are recognized internationally. With many of them receiving prestigious awards, the Korean film industry is probably the most essential Hallyu export product. An excellent place to start exploring Korean movies is here.

Korean cosmetics

Korean cosmetics is an aesthetic extension of K-pop culture, but with legitimate quality. Their products emphasize flawless skin, natural beauty, and ingredients. Just like tech and car companies, Korean cosmetics manufacturers invest heavily in R&D, and they are considered ten years ahead of the competition in that regard. With high-quality products that have natural ingredients, and not extremely pricey, the Korean industry will reach 3 billion dollars next year. That makes it an excellent topic for a K-pop research article.

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Whether you write about K-pop music stars, or Korean technology devices designers, there is a lot of material to go through. The vibrant and potent cultural scene with great movies, influential TV shows, and over the top produced music videos can be an inspiration for essays. You could make behind the scene article, top lists of movies, songs, artists, or you can look on the dark side of the K-pop scene. There are worthy phenomenons like PSY and his YouTube success, or Korean girl groups’ popularity in the region or open exploitation of sexuality in the choreography. The topics are countless, and the Korean cultural scene is alive and vibrant, with an estimated 11 billion dollars in revenue.

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