Excited man playing in an online casino with tablet fingers crossed wishing and hoping to win. Slot machine app. Person holding smart mobile device in hand at home.

For many years, most gambling was done in land-based casinos throughout the globe. Often, people would come from every corner of the globe to put a wager down in a casino, hoping to win some cash! It wasn’t only gambling people showed up at casinos for, it was often a place for society’s upper class to mingle with each other. Security often enforced a strict guest code policy, to make sure it was only the wealthy that were welcome.

Since those days, there have been plenty of changes in the casino industry. Although there are some traditional casinos that still enforce these dress codes and aim to cater to wealthy people, most casinos nowadays welcome everybody who wants to spend some cash. Cities like Las Vegas are known globally as a place to go gambling, however, it is also well known for its wild parties.

However, the big game-changer is online gambling. This sector, over the last two decades, is completely changing the way people gamble. Dress code? You are welcome as a guest in an online casino in your underwear! Although playing online might not be an ideal night out, it can be lots of fun!

Play Online 24 Hours a Day

If you have an internet connection, a smart device, or a computer, and it is legal to gamble where you live, you can gamble online whenever you feel like it. Planning an afternoon at your local casino is not that easy. It involves looking nice, often finding someone to go with, and organizing a taxi or an Uber to the casino. Plus, often in casinos, the price of food and alcohol can burn a hole in your wallet.

Although having access to online kaszinó is great, it can cause people to gamble more than they would like. Statistics have shown that there is a huge increase in younger people seeking help for gambling addiction. In the past, before online gambling became popular, the majority of people suffering from gambling addiction were over the age of 30. However, recent studies have shown that the majority of people nowadays gambling too much are aged between 20 and 30 years old. It is believed in the United States, that approximately 50% of people affected by gambling go on to commit crimes to help feed their addiction.

If you want to Make Money Gambling, Online is Probably your Best Option

If you are looking for a fun night out with your friends or family members, sitting at home staring at your phones is probably not the most entertaining way to gamble. However, if you are wondering which is your best option to make some money, more often than not, gambling online is a much better choice. However, there are some perks such as the following that you can find at some casinos:

  • Free accommodation
  • Free drinks
  • Free food
  • Free bets

Like any promotion, the idea behind these is so that you spend your time gambling at the casino. Online casinos can’t offer their members deals like free meals or accommodation, so instead, they try to attract those who want to gamble by offering some of the following:

  • High percentage payout on slots
  • Free bets
  • Free cash to gamble with
  • Bigger cash prizes
  • Lots of different gaming options

Most of these options are financial promotions, which can help you make more money gambling online in comparison to gambling in a traditional casino. Although gambling online can be a lot of fun, most people play to make money.

It’s Safer to Gamble Online Due to the Pandemic

Like many businesses around the globe, land-based casinos have been hit extremely hard during the pandemic. In 2020, many casinos were told to close their doors to help reduce the spread of Covid-19, and to this day, some remain shut. In countries like the Republic of Ireland, casinos are yet to open in 2021. Staff members have been out of work and many casino owners have found themselves in serious financial difficulty.

However, in areas where traditional casinos can open for business, most have seen a major decline in the number of customers. Most brick and mortar casinos adhere to strict Covid-19 regulations, which often do not appeal to their guests. Most people like to go to a casino to wear their nice clothes with their friends, have fun playing the many games on offer, take photographs and party the night away. Practicing social distancing and wearing masks doesn’t make a night out in the casino that appealing. Many people opt to stay indoors instead and gamble from their own homes. Casinos understand how their customers are feeling, and find it difficult to make the land-based casinos seem an attractive option during the ongoing pandemic.

The Atmosphere at a Land-Based Casino

In areas like Macau or Las Vegas, the atmosphere at some of the casinos can be electric. People partying, winning and losing, the positive vibes from the crowds, it can all be highly entertaining, even if you don’t enjoy gambling. However, sometimes it can be a depressing scene to witness. Watching people put all of their life savings on a horse race or on a poker game is not nice at all, and unfortunately, it happens a lot.

Although gambling from the comfort of your own home might not provide you with a memorable night out, you will avoid watching those suffering from gambling addiction ruining their life.


If you are new to gambling and want to give it a shot, there are plenty of apps on Google PlayStore and the Apple Store that allow you to play games for free. If you show up at a traditional casino and want to play Texas Holdem’ for the first time, you’ll probably lose all your chips in a short space of time. Also, if you become a member of an online casino, the same thing will probably happen. Not only will you lose all your money, but it’s also likely your overall experience won’t be enjoyable.