Couleur (CC0), Pixabay

When you look at old photos from the period when cameras were first invented all the way up to the 1950s, all the men had hats on.

All sorts of hats, too. Some wore fedoras, others wore golf hats and some even wore those stylish newsboy hats when they called out that the new edition of the paper was out. It seems like such a shame that nobody wears hats like that anymore because everything just looked so cool when they did.

There was a hat for everything. Besides the newsboys, there was the classic gangster hat with the low brim that told people you weren’t to be messed with. Drivers had their caps with a long brim and even the train conductor had his special cap. The world was a more interesting place because of the hats of the time.

So, what changed? Why do men not wear hats like they used to? There is probably no single reason so we’ll go over a few possibilities plus some tips on how to sport a hat yourself.

The biggest possible reason

When you look at those old photos, there is something you may notice besides the hats and how people dressed. Pay attention to what everybody is doing when you see a photo of a city street and one thing stands out.

Actually a couple of things. The first is that there are a lot of people on the streets. The second is that there are really no cars. Even when cars were invented there were not that many on the streets.

People walked everywhere or rode streetcars. Which means that they needed a hat to protect themselves from the elements. They served a practical purpose and then became a men’s fashion trend that suited people’s occupations and personalities.

So, the biggest reason that hats went out of fashion was that when cars were adopted en masse, people didn’t need to wear hats anymore. The same goes for women by the way. You’ll notice fewer women wore hats starting in the 1950s as well.

Also, when cars were first invented they looked more like horse carriages and had a very high roof so there was room if you wore a hat. Once the sleeker styled cars of the 50s came around, you couldn’t practically wear a hat inside one. So, people simply stopped wearing them. They didn’t need to be protected from the elements because they weren’t outside so much and they couldn’t wear one in a car even if they wanted to.

A financial matter

Though everybody wore a hat outside, you’ll notice from those same old photos that inside they didn’t wear hats. It was really bad manners to wear a hat in a house or building. If you went to a restaurant for instance, you would have to pay to check your hat

It may have come down to people not seeing the sense in paying to have to check their hats when they didn’t really need to wear one anymore so they simply stopped. Of course, many people wouldn’t mind paying a few cents to do this but if a hat becomes an inconvenience and also costs you money to have then chances are that you will forego the hat at some point.

How to pull off wearing a hat

Many men are coming around to the idea of wearing hats because they look so cool. The problem is that many men don’t end up pulling it off. This doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t wear a hat, it just means that they chose the wrong one.

If you are thinking of buying a hat, then you have a few things to consider to get the right one. For instance, the shape of your face is going to play the biggest part of the decision making process.

The other side of the coin is your personality. You should match your hat to what you are like as a person.

As far as your face type, you should make sure that your hat and face add to the symmetry. If you have a round face then choose a hat with a slight taper and a bit of height. A fedora is a good choice here.

Those with angular features can also try on a fedora, but even a bowler works if it fits your overall style and personality.

If your face is long and thin, then a flat hat like a newspaper boy or even a golfers hat will work well.